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August 13, 1989-99

Hitting Bottom

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Sermon on Hebrews 11.  Went to Wooden Spoon for lunch, buffet $5.95, didn't seem as good as usual.  We rode out to Salisburys and got a large bag of garden produce.

Tuesday 1991 - MUH, Jean and I took Roberta and Joe to Columbus airport for 6:30 flight, went out to see Thelma Holmes who gave us a paper re her obituary.  Supper at Bob Evans as Cracker Barrel had a ½ hour wait.  Stopped at new ice cream place in WCH.

Thursday 1992 - GHU seems real good, gained 3#, now weights 94 pounds.  Picked a few raspberries.

Saturday 1994 - Woke up this AM with a dizzy feeling, fine when laying down, but hard to even walk to the bathroom.  Larry and Mares go back to Lancaster PA.

Sunday 1995 - Had SS lesson on Job 15-30 "Hitting bottom."  Met Serena at Joseph Beth new bookstore at Kemper and Montgomery in greater Cincinnati.  Had lunch at O'Sheas, then met MUH at airport on her return from Harrisburg.  Had supper at Boston Chicken.

Tuesday 1996 - Leadership Clinton reception.  Roger Ballantyne and Dick and Gretchen Cochran arrive.  Dick had to go to the hospital in Wilmington.  They stopped in Newark and had lunch with John and Julie.  Roberta called about plans for next April in Arizona.

Wednesday 1997 - [Machu Picchu Peru] We walked to the Inca Bridge.  Rode the bus (3 miles) to Aguas Calientes where we had a slow meal at a local restaurant on the ⃞.  The RR is really the main street, lots of vendors, hostels, and restaurants.  Some of the group went swimming, quite a lot of steps to get there.

Thursday 1998 - The Pastor reported the Nusbaums were retiring after 21 years as custodians of our Church.  Plenty of tomatoes out of the garden.  Email from the Crowsons that Candy, their babysitter for the past 6 years is getting a job and will no longer be babysitting.

Friday 1999 - Went to Wilmington.  Got bread machine.  Mix up in Bernard deeds.  Fred Ernest [Everest?] called, takes too much $ to redesign all the cards, etc.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1996---why did Dick have to go to the hospital?
1998---babysitter's name is Candy (I know it's hard to read Dad's writing and/or he may not have remembered the name correctly).

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