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April 21, 1989-99

Manure and Poetry

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Saturday 1990 - John Harner brought us a load of manure, about 35 wheelbarrow loads.  Jean stayed with Mother after 1PM and Joann came at 11PM.  We both have colds.  Hard to get her to take her pills.

Sunday 1991 - [St. Clairsville OH to New Cumberland to Pittsburgh] Called up Mrs. Carter Thornburg - 211 E. Main, St. Clairsville, daughter Jane answered the phone, her Mother had had a stroke (she is 83) and was in the Forest Hill Retirement Community.  She [Jane presumably] is also a librarian from CWRU [Case Western].  Came up through Steubenville, historical paintings on side of some buildings.  New Cumberland Presbyterian meets at 11.  Pastor Jeff Siemon has been there four years.  Lillian Williams is still gussy.  Jean had called Virginia Marshall (house built in 1878) yesterday about going to lunch today, but Mary Margaret [daughter?] warned us after church that she (Virginia) gets confused.  Anyway we stayed about 1.5 hours, went up Ballantyne Hill Road to ? then back to Rt. 8, to New Manchester where we got a sandwich and bananas for lunch.  Got to the Priory Hotel [Pittsburgh] about 4:30, Room #103, $85.  Went to Station Square for supper at Rim Cafe, a pleasant experience.

Wednesday 1993 - Had Holzmarket [?] hearing at 8:30, then legal work at the Court House until 11:30.  Left at 2:00 to take Roberta to the airport.  I-670 is finished down to I-71 at Leonard Ave.  We made several stops in WCH on return, bought Botany white shirt at Fisher's going out of business sale for $9.  Had supper at Yummers, small soup 99¢, 2 pints of ice cream for price of 1, total $2.19.

Thursday 1994 - [England] Jean discharged from hospital about 4PM and we went to Brighton at West Beach Hotel, very near the old pier and had room in front.

Friday 1995 - Russell Terrell passed away at 80.

Sunday 1996 - Teresa Hatch resigned as choir director.  Virginia Hildebrant [back?] in church.  Leon Salisbury has had shoulder operation.  Met Serena at Rookwood Pavilion for lunch at First Watch.  Bought computer book at Joseph Beth store.

Monday 1997 - Jean got permanent and went to Books and More in Wilmington where Helen Weeks read poetry.  She left Wilmington seven years ago.  More email stuff from Sid through Mary Virginia.

Tuesday 1998 - UMW Guest night at New Vienna Senior Center.  Jean had Jennifer Levo [John Levo's daughter] and Sharon Rider speak on their mission trip to Jamaica.  On the committee were Esther and Marjory Kilpatrick.

Wednesday 1999 - School shooting in Littleton, Colorado [Columbine] -- 15 killed.

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