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May 1, 1989-99

May 1, 1989-99 May Day

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1990 - April water = 425 cubic feet, $10.62 + $3.64

Wednesday 1991 - Adrian Roberts spoke at Lions Club on the history of Green Township, how we were once part of Rock. County, Virgina [possibly Rockingham, although I can't find any confirmation of this, see Virginia Historical Counties for historical maps or Ohio Historical Counties to zone in on Clinton/Highland County.  Change the year in the upper right corner to see the changes through the years], then Hamilton County, etc.  First house was near Snow Hill (named after Snow Hill, MD) and nearest place was was about 5 miles away, on what is now Rt. 72 and Carl's West's current home.

Friday 1992 - Water = 617 cubic feet, total $43.91, trash $6.50, sewage $18.32.  Took Larry Lyons to 12th District Court of Appeals meeting in Middletown.  Planted flowers at GHU's and at Wells.  Put Christmas poinsettia out, wonder if they will do any good.  Called Liggetts about going on the trip to the Far East on 10/6/92.   (The Liggetts were connected with Wilmington College through whom we met Kim.  They retired to WA and were killed crossing the street.)

Saturday 1993 - [Cleveland]  Made a visit to the library at noon, they gave me gloves to look at the old pictures.  We had lunch in the Arcade.  After the day's [Family Life Conference] session we drove over to W. 25th, the flats (government housing where we lived in the spring of 1949), around the Western Reserve and East Cleveland.  Had supper at That Place on Bellflower [closed], then went out Mayfield Road to I-271 to Marc's, they closed at 9PM.  Came back through Shaker Heights and ended up on Woodland Ave., hardly the ideal place.

Sunday 1994 -  Open Houses in Hillsboro, one was the Historical house where GHU was born.  Had a board where Ira H. had written "This House is occupied by my wife and I and 3 children, Harry, Luna and Dorsa, 1886, age 13, 11, and 9.  Cost $2500.  The traction line [Electric Railway] in front of their house lasted 14 years.  [GHU mentioned going to Cincinnati by traction in her postcard of September 2, 1910 -- see Grandma takes Traction for more information]

Monday 1995 - Water = $3.67 + $9.18, sewer $16.95 and trash $6.50, total = $34.30.  DPL bill was $72.09, used 751 kwh.  (Late pay was $73.17, on water late pay was $37.74.)  Went to CMH for Power of Attorney execution of Lowell Cowman and he passed away 12 hours later.

Wednesday 1996 - Dale Hertlein of the Clinton County Farm Service Agency spoke at Lions Club program, he went on the Philmont trip in 1972.  The prayer group met here, G. Hannah really excited about the Emmaus experience this past weekend.  Still wet and cool.  Catherine called (each Wednesday), Wendy had to go to the hospital -- gall stones.

Thursday 1997 - [Williamsburg to Washington VA] Up Route 3 to T[?] Inn, a nice place -- Catherine is in charge of the reservations.  [What???]  Oh yes we had breakfast buffet in main dining room, [still at Kingsmill Resort, I think] $11.95 each.  Just had yogurt for lunch and got to Washington VA about 5:30, staying at Heritage Bed and Breakfast, $105/night.  We are in Amish room, had reservation for a dinner at 6:30 at the Inn at Little Washington, what a 20 year rise they have had.  5 stars for both Inn and meals.  We were there two hours, they "gave" us a little bowl of sweets in leaving.  Meal was $88 each and the rooms start at $260.

Friday 1998 - [To Newark] To Newark for Kate's birthday.  They had 4 large pizzas.  [Julie's sister] Cathy has 3 children and an indifferent (?) husband.

Saturday 1999 - Hard to get to mowing [moving?] from Wells.  Jean made granola, took 6 packages of rhubarb at 3# each to church market.  Visited Ruth Shoemaker at CMH.  Had sandwich at Burger King and then to Sabina for Bernard auction sale, house built in 1912, sold for $70,000.

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