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April 4, 1989-99

Oh My

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1954 - [Naples to Rome, Europe Tour]

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville]

Wednesday 1990 - Mother seems confused - "Oh, My" - wonders where she is.  Lions Club program of 2 Fairfield students [north of Cincinnati] on science projects.

Thursday 1991 - Quit using the "plunger" to feed Mother.  It takes an hour and a half to feed her.  Got letter from Frank about IBT trips -- he rubs Jean the wrong way.

Saturday 1992 - Nice breakfast at Murphin Ridge - Amish bread, big glass of fresh OJ, cantaloupe with kiwi and strawberries this with Vermont Molasses Cottage Cheese pancakes.  Drove to Columbus to meet Roberta at the airport, then to John and Julie's for lunch at 1030 Shaw Drive, their new home.  Julie is quite the chef -- asparagus with dried tomatoes and other things.  Came home via Hillsboro, GHU wide awake.

Sunday 1993 - [Arizona]

Monday 1994 - [to Ohio from Kentucky] Don was going to the Dr. -- he has a persistent cough and hard to keep food down.  We had lunch at the Heritage, only the bar area open at noon.  The gal brought us the wrong menu and then the wrong bill.  At UMC Board Meeting decided to go ahead with the SS room A.C.

Tuesday 1995 - [to Virginia]  We left at 9 and had lunch with Mary Ann Lewis at Bob Evans in Charleston [WV].  Jean had trouble recognizing her.  On to the Homestead [Resort in Hot Springs VA], a swim in their pool then dinner at 7:30, very formal with piano music.  Had movie at 9pm which didn't appeal to us.  [Added in 2011: We finally asked the head waiter if they knew Mary Ann Lewis and they did.  She was Peaches college friend, who has since passed on.]

Thursday 1996 - Jean has a cold.  Choir program for Maundy Thursday -- "Oh for the wonder of it all"

Friday 1997 - [Phoenix] Left for Grand Canyon, had lunch at Furr's in Flagstaff.

Saturday 1998 [Shepherdstown WV]

Sunday 1999 - [Easter, Granada Spain] [This entry could have taken place the day before or the day after, info about this trip is not necessarily date specific.]  Got up to Alcazar about 9AM and our admission time was 2:30.  No problem putting in time in other areas there.  Having Easter week parades with big crowds, reminded us of Ku Klux Klan parades.

[Diary originally posted April 4, 2010.  Click on the "Oh My" link to see previous post – this is a slightly modified version.]

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