Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 11, 1989-99

Spiffing up the Living Room

HHU's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Wednesday 1990 - Serena called and is going to have lump removed from her breast as an outpatient next Monday.  Roberta called, she's coming this Friday to see GHU.

Thursday 1991 - Painters finished living room.  Had a $90 dry cleaning bill for the living room drapes, Jean had previously had them cleaned when John graduated from Exeter.  Hard to get Mother to eat or drink.  Mowed front yard for first time this year. 

Saturday 1992 - Mowed front yard, rhubarb about 6" high, noticed first asparagus.  Washed car.

Sunday 1993 - [Easter] 142 at church for Easter services, the young people had an Easter parade.  Ed told the story about how the bank that wouldn't loan the church $$ to build went out of business themselves.  GHU didn't eat much, but had her super shake plus 3 glasses of milk.

Monday 1994 - [Roberta visiting]

Thursday 1996 - Went to Hillsboro, saw Elsie, she is really hard of hearing.  Got GG a portable phone, went square dancing, graduation night.  Next Saturday is Jim's last day as caller, club started 20 years ago.  They have us "dancing" with paper sacks on our feet and then another time with balloons between our legs.  Herschel and Betty Arnold were the state inspectors.  Took one set of curtains down at Wells, the edges really got frayed.

Saturday 1998 - Went to Wilmington to the movie "My Giant" [with Billy Crystal] about this movie scout who thought he'd hit it big in getting this giant but then he couldn't stand to see him suffer.

HH added in 2010: Sounds like it is about time to have those drapes cleaned and/or replaced. This reminded me of how long my parents went before the wall paper was replaced in the house, I can only recall one time when the paper hanger came.

Now reading a book "The Ford Century" and how Henry's Dad thought Henry would have a problem making a living, in fact he was fired from his first job at the end of five days.

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