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Snow Hill Pictures and Future Posts

Snow Hill Country Club, Wilmington Ohio [New Vienna] Aerial view 1924 - Image Courtesy of Mike Whited
Sunday, November 9, 1924 – Snow Hill Country Club, Wilmington, Ohio.  This picture was taken during the opening exercises, attended by 1,500 residents of Wilmington and vicinity.  Snow Hill, the early home of Mrs. George Dent Crabbs, Cincinnati, was built by her great-grandfather in 1820.  She had the homestead restored and gave it to the club.  Captain John W. Pattison* and Lieutenant Wright Vermilya*. 

In the interest of sharing more pictures sooner (and getting ahead of my self-appointed deadlines), I'm sharing pictures without much historical research to go with them.  I love the research part (or I wouldn't be doing it) but it can be a big drain of time; fascinating, but time consuming.
Snow HIll Country Club, October 13, 1924, New Vienna Ohio - Image Courtesy of Mike Whited

Therefore, some subjects for which I have not yet even started research, I'll go ahead and post some pictures in and around our current ongoing stories – Pictures and family memorabilia from the 1950s and prior, Europe 1954 Tour, etc...  In case you are interested and/or have something you would like to share – pictures, stories, memorabilia, information, anything would be welcome.  Here's a list of what is currently in progress:

Coming up but still being researched:
  • Blacksmiths of New Vienna (soon)
  • Bill Holmes (sooner)
  • Young Ho Kim (where are the pictures?) (late April?)
  • New Vienna (Ohio) Methodist Church History (May)
  • Wells Article from 1952 (mid-May)
  • History of New Vienna in the 1920s - (late May)
  • Report Cards? - boring, but of historical interest? (late May) 
  • CJU & GHU's 99th Anniversary (June) -- still have postcards from them not yet posted
  • Auburn (Careytown), Highland, and West Chapel Churches possibly included in an article on other New Vienna (and area) Churches
  • Friends (Quakers) in New Vienna Area, National Headquarters of Pacifist Movement post-Civil War
  • New Vienna Bank (next year with the 1960s?)
  • New Vienna Flour Mill, Bodens
  • New Vienna Business District - pre 1960
  • Early Citizens of New Vienna
  • Hiestands
  • Browns
  • Westboro
Snow Hill Country Club, Wilmington, Ohio [New Vienna] c1925 - Image Courtesy of Mike Whited

Snow Hill Country Club, from the Golf Course, New Vienna, Ohio c1950? - Image Courtesy of Mike Whited

*And because I can't resist doing some research, Captain John W. Pattison (1884-1957) was a WW1 Air Force Veteran, and was active as an aerial photographer and a leader in civil aviation who lived in the Milford area. He was also the son of Ohio's 43rd Governor, John M. Pattison.
**Lieutenant Wright Vermilya was the pilot of a Spartan C4-300 according to the first United States aircraft registry in 1927.
According to the 1916 History of Clinton County, [in 1820] "Charles Harris built the "Snow Hill house," and opened a tavern there, probably the first opened in the county. Mr. Harris's brother-in-law, Samuel Wasson, built a house about the same time and near the Snow Hill house and commenced to entertain travelers."

Charles Harris is the father of Elisha Harris (b. 1808) who in the 1850s and 1860s lived and worked in New Vienna as an "Innkeeper," possibly running the Harris Hotel at the intersection of what later became SR-73 and SR-28.

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