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April 26, 1989-99 Traveling Bookcases

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Thursday 1990 - Carol Wilbur, the County Public Health Nurse came.   Her best suggestions were to try and keep Mother active.  Had to make 3 stops before we found where Lou Peters lived.  Got almonds for Emmaus Walk then square dancing.  They had 266 people at the All Nighter. 

Friday 1991 - [Hershey PA]  Went on tour of Hershey plant, library lecture started at 11:30 with box lunch continued until 3PM.  Very good.  Jean met me and we drove to Lebanon PA, no more Lebanon Ball Company.  Jean's friend Natalie called and they have made dinner reservations for us at the Union Canal House in Hershey.  They are real sports (basketball) fans. 

Tuesday 1994 - [Salisbury to Gatwick England] Went to Longleat House, had wheel chair available and a lift so were able to see the whole house.  Also an electric cart for touring the grounds -- tight corners on some of the buildings, even took a boat ride.  Then drove through the extensive safari animal area.  Had reservations at the Gatwick Hilton and they had a wheel chair.  Room had 3 phones. 

Wednesday 1995 - Planted pansies in front of our house, at Wells, and at GHU's.  Esther and I looked over the parsonage as the Mitch and Jane Strattons' are moving to their new home near Rocky Fork Campground. 

Friday 1996 - 15th Annual 12th Court of Appeals day at Middletown.  Took Larry Lyons, he has lost about 15#. 

Saturday 1997 - [to Somerset KY] Leave for Somerset in Pick-up with bookcases.  It was a non-eventful trip.  We ate at Mexican Restaurant for supper.

Sunday 1998 - [Newark to New Vienna] We went to early service, lasted 1.5 hours, lots of singing, then to a provocative SS class -- if the Bible is so important why do we spend so little time reading it?  Julie had lasagna for lunch with salad and home made bread.  We went to Freedom Years Program, about 1.25 hours, lots of loud country music.  We were in the first row of tables.  Intermittent heavy rain coming home.

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