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April 19, 1989-99

End of Wells

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta leaves Ohio]  Went to Columbus, Ohio Center, for O.L.C. [continuing education] on Bankruptcy.  $115, 6 hours.  Jean and Roberta had lunch with John, then Roberta flew back to Phoenix.  She has been a big help with Mother.  Her [GHU] blood pressure is 100 over 40.

Friday 1991 - Went to Middletown, 10th annual 12th District Court of Appeals Meeting.  $35 fee for four hours credit.  Car (Honda) turned 13,000 miles.  Road to Hillsboro is closed for 45 days for realignment where Careytown Road comes out.

Sunday 1992 - [Easter] 148 at church, we brought GHU here for lunch.  She is doing real good.   Always problems with the Nusbaums re: keeping the front church door open.  Mie Young called.  [I always think of her father at Easter time as I remember that being the holiday where we first got to know him.]

Monday 1993 - Pot luck dinner at the church honoring Gene and Hilda Williams for their 30+ years in Scouting.  We walked out to the Cemetery and made a stop at Arlene Curtis's.

Tuesday 1994 - [England] Walked out to the hospital and then in the afternoon took bus T105 to the old town and then walked back to the hotel.

Wednesday 1995 - Got $48 worth of flowers and vegetables at Hughes' (Tim) on Roundhead Road, with one big tomato plant a smaller one with a tomato on it.  $12.50 a tray.  Meeting with PPR at the church with DS.  Voted to have full time person.  Called Mary [MUH], they plan to leave Lake Worth on 5/11.

Friday 1996 - Trees at church coming into bloom.

Saturday 1997 - Jean had Day of Joy in Wilmington, hit high spots in yard with mower.  Got up to date with Quicken.  Spent about an hour at the [Square Dancing] All Nighter -- what a crowd.  Jim Erbaugh having tough adjustment in Florida.

Sunday 1998 -  Kevin [?] and Diane (a friend of MV's) spoke at our church.   Went to CMH lunch, sat with Jim and Trudy Rany [?], he told us of his experience with Dragon BB.  Program on Humor by Virginia Stowe [Stone?] from Newark:
H - Heart Stimulator
E - Endorphins reduce pain
A - Airway expansion
L - Laughter producer
T - Tone muscles
H - Healing power
Y - Youthful

H - Helps people connect
U - Understanding
M - Motivate
O - Opportunity
R - Relieve tension

Opportunity is nowhere -- what do we see, the "no" or the "now".   [Example of humor]  Mary called in dead today, she has used all her sick time.

Monday 1999 - Broke the news to the office staff about Wells quitting business.  Spent $10.60 at Karen [? McKenzie's for bike tune up.  Had flier from Wandering Wheels about ride around America, $12,000, 5.5 months, 8500 miles.  Bob and GG gave us New Vienna School memory book -- interesting.

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Catherine said...

Carolyn Collier Taubenheim (a subscriber by email) adds: Good morning, Catherine! Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed all the pictures and blog posts you've been sending. Your parents' trip to Europe in 1954 sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! And, of course, the NV history project is just terrific, too. I know all this is a BIG eater of your time. I learned that when I worked with my 92 year old aunt on a project winter before last, but the results will be well worth it. Present and future generations of Uibles will certainly appreciate your efforts, not to mention the rest of us privileged to see it!

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