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April 13, 1989-99

Christian yells and 100 trees

HHU's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Friday 1990 - Met Roberta in Columbus, supper at Cracker Barrel, a long wait at 5:30.  Vegetable plate $3.80.  Mother not too cooperative.  John went to LA this weekend for an interview and met Joe Horton there.  They went to Crystal Cathedral

Saturday 1991 - Mother was wide awake at noon and seemed good, she weighs 96 pounds, up from a low of 90.  Hillsboro Library is starting an addition.  Went to Boyd Auditorium to see Miss Daisy - $5 each.  Jean got a permanent at M. McMillin's [Mary Kay? Tom's wife?] - $24.

Monday 1992 - [Kentucky]  Got new watch strap on Timex watch.  They had Lenten Lunch at Church of Christ, then for supper we ate at Cafe Isabel, right by the bridge.  Rev. "C" spoke on Resurrection Shopping, Colossians 3 -- very good.

Tuesday 1993 - Jean was in charge of UMW guest night at NV Senior Center.  Serena called, she had been to the Dr. who said she had sinus problems.  Having a time with Tim Woods.

Thursday 1995 - Went to Wilmington, got 50 Australian Pine and 50 Norway Spruce, most of which I put in the garden.  Having Maundy Thursday service tonight and the choir is doing a special program.

Saturday 1996 - Put curtains back up at Wells.  Got haircut at Greg's, $6.  Jean got permanent, 

Sunday 1997 - Cris and Angela got some things at GHU's, then we went to Waynesville for lunch, sauerkraut was the special.  Kroger having a special on a gallon of milk for 99¢, also cantaloupe for 99¢ each.  Voted on putting black top on our church parking lot.  The old story on the hot chocolate at $1.95.  [?]

Monday 1998 - [Crowsons visiting]  Problems with Merle at Wells.  Too much business.  Happy to get quick death certificate for Tom McMillin.  Terry T., MV's classmate from Urbana was here.  Her baby is 6-months old.  Crowsons left before supper for Wilmington for overnight stay.  Christian can really yell.   [MV added in 2010 "Christian's yells were more what I would classify as scream or shrieking. AWFUL!"]

Tuesday 1999 -  Serena surprised us in coming for a visit.  She has been in Des Moines for a library interview and possible move there.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

The Lenten Lunch was actually an ecumencal lunch at the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ who are a different denomination from Church of Christ). Rev. C was Edward "Buddy" Coleman, my Sr. Pastor at the time so my church must have been in charge of the lunch that day. Incidently, the church had been located at the south end of Main Street but they moved when the Public Library purchased the property to build a beautiful new facility, about 5+ years ago.

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