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April 24, 1989-99 Strawberries

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Tuesday 1990 - D.M. Fife dies at 72 in Arizona.  Taking down storm windows, disked the garden.

Wednesday 1991 -  [Baltimore MD]  Breakfast here [Shirley Madison Inn] -- juice and muffins.  "Irene" quite talkative, a native of Poland.  Just a block to the MD History Museum, then to see "stacks" (five balconies) at the Peabody Institute, Walters Art Gallery, Goodwill Book Store, lunch at Woman's Industrial Exchange Lunchroom on North Charles, then walked on to the National Aquarium, $8.50 for Seniors, we were there 3 hours, saw the dolphin show -- five levels, rain forest, etc.  Enjoyed seeing the big turtle swim around.  Had supper at Louie's, combination book store and restaurant.  Visit to Enoch Pratt Library where a real loud voice announced, "We close at 9PM exactly."

Friday 1992 - We went to Wilmington and I got my new glasses, lunch at Ponderosa where we saw Lou Hale, she had been to Hawaii and was worn out from the long trip, no more overseas for her.  Kroger's had strawberries 99¢/quart.  Mother didn't want any food today but was ready for strawberries.  Jean Liggit called about their upcoming Far East trip.

Saturday 1993 - Went to Middletown for Court of Appeals meeting, made rounds in Wilmington, had supper at Chinese Restaurant then went to Farm and Home Show at fairgrounds.  Rails to Trails exhibit.  Denver House Restaurant and Bar to close and will become a Bed and Breakfast.  Went to Villars Chapel for spaghetti, really a 6PM deal for $3.50.   Almar [Alinor?] Barnes Sword and Leonard, New Vienna class of 1950, were there.  Then to Murphy Theatre, an old timer about [or with] Bogart.  Sat with Donald Bernards and Alan McKay.  Don commented that in Florida 7PM is a bad time for programs as people there need to go to the bathroom, go to bed or take their medications.

Sunday 1994 - [Cornwall England]  Drove to Lands End, etc., some of the roads are really one lane, but then on the motorways people would zoom by us when we were going 70.  On Sunday the hotel has a buffet, only thing hot was the soup.

Thursday 1997 - Went to the College, heard Tammie Schnitzer from Billings MT speak on "Not in Our Town".  Story of how she was harassed because she converted to Judaism because of her husband, a Doctor.  Talked about how to get rid of hate groups, community needs to stand united for tolerance and a hate free community.

Friday 1998 - Middletown Bar meeting again, took Jim Williams and Joe Dennis, 12 years today since his Dad (Max, my age) passed away.  13 there from Clinton County.  More looks at the Thompson house.  Still nothing definite with Shy [Sky?] Lady back from NY.  Always have to get answers from Terry [?].  Upcoming Mothers' Day Buffet at Manchester Hotel [presumably in Middletown where the Bar meeting was held?] is $16.95 and $14.95 for Seniors and $7.95 for 10 and under. 

Saturday 1999 - Worked with Quicken.  Transplanted some rose bushes to our front flower bed which we had cleaned up.  Planted onions, beets, cabbage and broccoli seeds in the garden plus 3 hills of squash with six seeds in each hill.  Got Otterbein magazine "Come Grow With Us".  First time I had worked the garden, pleasantly surprised that the tiller started with old gas in it.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1993 name is Alma Barnes who married Leonard Sword after they were both widowed. Older (obviously) couple from Villars Chapel UMC I knew well at the time.

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