Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 29, 1954

April 29, 1989-99 Cherry trees and rhubarb

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Sunday 1990 - Worked at Wilmington UMC , 14th Emmaus Women Walk.  We helped the Everett Baileys, he has been having cancer treatments, a busy man as a preacher and a Kroger's employee.  Just had Mother up once last night at 4AM.  Bob and Carl's have flowers and plants for sale.

Saturday 1995 - Jean had Day of Joy at Otterbein Home.  Trimmed the shrubbery at the parsonage.  Planted bing cherry tree at parsonage as well as GHU's.

Monday 1996 - Dental appointments in Wilmington, both of us have to go back for a filling.  John, Julie and Kate arrived.  Kate likes beads [beets? belts? balls?].  John and Julie liked the music on the computer.

Tuesday 1997 - [Asheville NC to Williamsburg VA]  Serena joined us for breakfast at the Hampton Inn and then she was off to work at Mission Hospital.  We had lunch at Duke University in Durham, interesting sandwiches.  Got to Kingsmill [resort in Williamsburg], place is spread out.  Ate at the Golf Club, 1/2 portions for 1/2 price which suited us fine.

Wednesday 1998 - Took rhubarb to Mary Smith and Eileen Cline [not related to Randy].  Walls on new Staples store in Wilmington are up.

Thursday 1999 - Serena called us, she is talking of going with Mares and the younger generations of Kintners to the Carolina coast.

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