Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 1989-99 Leaning to the right

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Sunday 1990 - Mother leans to the right in her wheel chair, virtually on the railing.  So much pain when we move her. 

Monday 1991 - [Pittsburgh to Silver Springs MD]  Very nice Continental Breakfast [at the Priory Hotel], choice of 2 juices, melon, strawberries muffins, apple strudel, coffee cake, cereal, etc.  Also USA Today.  Left at 9AM with picnic lunch at Bethesda where I sent to this law office to check on Tak-A-Ty [?] deal.  Then to Econo Lodge in Silver Springs where we had reservations  ($52 less 10%).  Jean called Louise Robinson and met her at O'Donells in Bethesda.  Then we went to her apartment and she really drove us around the town. 

Friday 1994 - [England] Got to Exeter -- 183 miles -- and used their luggage cart to get Jean to the room and dining room.  A lady joined us who had been helpful in opening doors, etc.  Exeter is certainly a hard town to drive around

Saturday 1995 - Spaghetti supper at UMC, sponsored by the Boy Scouts for their trip to Philmont.  Mowed the yard, it needed it.  Eric, Joan Gruber and G. Hannah left for Fort Myers today.  Joan had had eye surgery earlier this week.

Monday 1996 - Got mailing on our trip on 6/1/96 [ElderHostel in Eastern Europe].  Betty and Linda here to do cleaning, put up screens.  Got mailing from Robert Hinishaw [?], he and Linda were married 2/96.

Tuesday 1997 - They put down the new black top at church.  $4700, went to both Wilmington and Hillsboro on legal business.  Cleaning out book cases at Mother's.

Wednesday 1998 - All Zurfair [?] checks back in.  Jean went to Samuel Walkers for CMH Volunteer Night.  Andy _______ here from Dragon BBS to get our email back on computer.  Picked first asparagus.  More rain.  Got the CMH Foundation publication of gifts for 1997.

Thursday 1999 - Our first square dancing (workshop) in 1999.  Pastor going to Ichthus gathering in Wilmore KY.


Catherine said...

From John: Glad you sold Wells when you did, Dad. To have waited would not have worked to your benefit.
Ohio Art had a beautiful brick building in Bryan, OH which reminded me of Wells'. They have been in business since 1908. --John

Catherine said...

From Dad: Remember the [England] trip well. Driving in England takes extra luck with manual shift, left hand lanes and one way streets that are not straight.

Louise Robinson is one of your Mothers old time college friends, who worked for National Geographic. --Dad

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