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April 25, 1989-99

April 25, 1989-99 Onions, cabbages and broccoli

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Wednesday 1990 - Mother seems to "shake" her arms and hands more.  Planted white onions (180 to #) for 79¢.  Also 6 cabbage (79¢) and 6 broccoli (79¢).  

Thursday 1991 - [Baltimore MD]  Had nice breakfast conversation with an English couple.  Visited Lovely Lane UMC and Museum, the Mother Church of Methodism.  Then to B&O Railroad Museum, quite a collection of engines in the roundhouse.  Had nice lunch at the Brass Elephant, 924 N. Charles [closed in August 2009], then drove to York PA, visited the McCrory headquarters and store [all McCrory stores out of business by 2002], China outlet and the York Galleria Mall which is one year old.  Got on the wrong road en route here but have very nice room at Days Inn.  Went to open house suite -- what a layout, then grocery store for breakfast provisions.

Saturday 1992 - Met the three Hughes' (Fred and Gwen's sons) boys at their late Mother's home and divided things up.  It went better than I expected.  Went to see GHU -- she was very sleepy but ate pretty well.  Then we drove to Hamilton to see Serena, looked around Oxford and then had supper at Jakes.  I had a heavy gumbo soup for $11.95, pretty hot.  We saw where Mary Ellen K. (Mrs. Hadley's daughter) lived, also Serena's apartment.  Serena looks good.  Florence and Paul Christy now at Heartland.

Sunday 1993 - Mother complaining of her back more.  She drinks her 2 glasses of milk but not much else.  She loves the strawberries though.  More rain.

Monday 1994 - [Cornwall to Salisbury England] Drizzle all day.  Drove to Salisbury, 213 miles, room #1 at the Milford Hall Hotel.  Got food and groceries including dry soup which we warmed up on the "tea service" in the room.

Thursday 1996 - Lilacs showing white blossoms.  Long Leadership Clinton meeting, everyone wants things done, but no one wants to do it.  Lock box opening on Richard Dailey.  Roberta called. 

Friday 1997 - Bar Meeting in Middletown, went with Gano and Bill McCracken.  Gano's getting a new van.  Sat next to Mike Dougherty, a new attorney with Legal Aid.  He wants to open an office of his own.  What a mix up on meeting Terrells in New Vienna rather than Wilmington.

Saturday 1998 - [to Newark]  Jean had UMW meeting in Hamilton then met her in Wilmington.  John and Julie went to dinner -- Park Bank Employees and Stockholders get together*.  We took Kate to Wendy's, so surprised to see Clark Morrow [?] there and the gal -- Roberta Richards (?) that had been on an Elderhostel to Iceland three years ago. 

Sunday 1999 - Took rhubarb to Eileen Glass, then to [for sale?] open house at Evelyn Bernard's, drove around Sabina cemetery, to Walmart and got lamp for over piano for Sunday School, then to Extended Care where Howard Page seems in bad shape.  Oh what a heavy meal they were having.  Then to CMH where Leon S. is getting along fine.

* John added in 2010: 1998 was the last time we had one of those Park employee/stockholder dinner meetings I believe.  Must have been too expensive to continue the tradition!

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