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April 28, 1989-99

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Saturday 1990 - First sign of asparagus in the garden.

Sunday 1991 - Picked large handful of asparagus.  Took the bells to Otterbein Home for the annual affair.

Wednesday 1993 - Worked garden for first time.  Planted onions and peas.  Little pear tree in bloom.  Bible study on Romans.  Ron Gotherman [see 1996 below] got out of the hospital, gave him 3-4 months.

Thursday 1994 - Jean has appointment with Dr. M, "things look good"

Friday 1995 - Larry Lyons and I went to the 12th District Court of Appeals meeting  in Middletown.  That Sorg House was sure an old beauty.  Bought 2 rose buses and 2 cherry trees at Rhoads Garden Center, each $12.95.  Put out flowers in front of parsonage.  Jean and I inserted [?] four sheets for Day of Joy -- final count was 316.  Jean went with Jo Harner and Esther to Hillsboro for flowers for their Mothers' Club.

Sunday 1996 - Only 64 at church.  Had evening service, we all sat in the choir loft.  We ate at Midland.  Liver and Onions $4.50, less 10% for seniors.  Jean had chicken on a bed of rice (lots or rice).  Learned how to "cut" and "paste" on the computer.  More rain.  Roberta called.  Lisa Gooding got her something at Mug's sale.  *[1993]  Saw Ron G. the other day, he is doing real well, they plan to move to Florida this fall.

Monday 1997 - [to Asheville]  Left about 6AM and had breakfast at McDonalds.  Foggy.  Met the Zooks for lunch at Piccadilly Cafeteria.  He has been retired for 8 years.  Her back is better.  Daughter at  Columbus supposed to graduate this spring.  On to Asheville, had a very nice room at the Hampton Inn.  Serena seems fine.  Ate at the Greenery.

Tuesday 1998 - Spiraea is coming into bloom.

HH added in 2010: On Monday in 1997, the Zooks do have a daughter in Columbus, she had at last report had a medical practice. Guess that kind of work was to much for him, for recall that he soon bought a carmel corn franchise and moved to Johnson City TN. from Toledo Ohio.

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