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April 5, 1989-99

Muddy Trail

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1954 - [Rome, Europe Tour]

Wednesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville]

Thursday 1990 - Canceled out with Carrs [GHU's brother Harry's step-daughter] on Sunday dinner, didn't think she [GHU] could stand the trip down there.  GG has been staying until 7PM to work on income tax.  Cleaned along the parking lot at the Bank.  Small fire at the house next to GHU.

Friday 1991 - Went to Lincoln program at Murphy Theatre.  Gary Kersey is organizer - Lincoln's Last Day.  43 people in the cast.  We took the Johnsons (our minister), made a stop at McDonald's afterwards.  The play had a sell out crowd on two nights.

Sunday 1992 - [Roberta visiting]  Brought GHU home for lunch, we had some more Alaska salmon.

Sunday 1992 - [Second entry with same date] Jean brought Mrs. Moore to see Mother.  She did well.

Monday 1993 - [to Ohio from Phoenix]  Flew home on Delta non-stop at 1:25, full plane.  Because of the airport construction a bus met us and took us to baggage area.  Serena met us.  She had been in Newark the day before for a shower for Julie.

Tuesday 1994 - Sankers, Pam, and her son Ben were here for a BIG lunch and a tour of Wells.  Jean went to Mothers' Club at Ponderosa.  Got the Annual Report of the NB&Trust Co.  Stock market up 80 points after a 10% sell off.

Wednesday 1995 - [Hot Springs VA to Virginia Beach] A big breakfast, again with piano music, don't think they have more than 50 guests out of a potential of say 1M [1000].  Had a tour of the building in the AM and then we left about noon, made a stop at Charlottesville and on to the Founders Inn in Virginia Beach.  The Homestead has been there since 1776, cost about $250, rates go up at the end of this month.  At Founders Inn we had room 3314 (278 miles from Homestead).  Supper at Swan Terrace Restaurant, [part of the Inn] too much food.  Room was $84 per night.

Saturday 1997 - [Phoenix]  Fresh snow at the Grand Canyon.  I did hike down to first rest area - about 1.5 miles, really a muddy trail.  We are in Room 6117 at the Bright Angel Lodge, $54 for double.  El Tovar standard rate is $112 and Deluxe is $167.  [Morgans took a group of foreign exchange students and were VERY nervous when several of them had not returned from hiking by dark -- they had decided to hike all the way to the river.  Morgans had Petra from Switzerland living with them.]

Sunday 1998 - [St. Clairesville OH to New Vienna]  We left the Hampton Inn in St. Clairesville OH and went to the 10:15 service at [Central] Trinity UMC in Zanesville.  We met John, Julie and Kate at Clark's [?] at US 40 and Rt. 13.  Changed plans to eat at Herb N Ewe at 11755 National Road in Thornville, just been open a few months, really on "old" US-40.  [Website says they are no longer open, closed as of the end of May in an unknown year.]  Got to New Vienna about 4pm.  More anniversary cards.  The children gave us a gift certificate to a B&B in Hocking Hills.

Monday 1999 - [Spain] At Hotel Becquer in Seville, step down to hotel garage.  Only place where they had a notice about not taking food from the dining room.  Had nice lunch in a nearby restaurant [possibly El Cairo].

[Diary originally posted April 5, 2010.  Click on the "Muddy Trail" link to see previous post – this is a slightly modified version.]

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