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April 15, 1989-99


HHU's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Sunday 1990 - [Easter, Roberta and Crowsons visiting] Sunrise Service at 6:30, great breakfast followed.  Mother never really woke up all day.  Effort to get her to drink water.  She did eat MV's cherry and strawberry pie "extra good".  The Strickers brought a big bakery cake that people had after Sunday School and Church (120 present).

Tuesday 1992 - [Kentucky to Ohio] Visited White Hall, home of Cassius Clay [the emancipationist, not the boxer who changed his name to Muhammad Ali].  Very interesting, lunch at Oriental Wok on Buttermilk Pike [in Ft. Mitchell].  Thinking of making hollow balls and 64oz. bubble bottles.

Wednesday 1993 -  Two lock box openings, got about 50 seedlings that we put out in the garden.  Bruce wants a special price on 3 and 5/8 plastic balls, 12¢ each.  Mother sleepy but eating.  Her skin looks great.

Friday 1994 - [England] Rental car from Alamo, 2 weeks for $330, drove down to Bexhill where we saw Cynthia and she had [arranged] a B&B for us -- Mrs. Hill's at 33 Woodville Rd., 30# a night, about $45.  We had lunch at Cooden Bay Hotel

Saturday 1995 - Picked up more sticks in the yard and mowed most of the yard where the higher grass was, saw first asparagus up.  After lunch we drove to Mini-Mall, took the old computer to see what was wrong and bought a new computer with a scanner.  Went to Tri-County Mall and got a new telephone answering machine.  Had supper at Boston Market, had a $2 off coupon.  Men's UMC breakfast this AM, Mike Cowman spoke, one of his stories was about the glass of milk, never know who we are helping. 

Wednesday 1998 - Met Goodings at Waynesville Restaurant for supper.  Also saw the Keiters [?] with the Dr. Hamiltons' , they have been retired from medical practice for 11 years.  Bob still as talkative as ever.  He told us a couple times of how ?? [Tim? Linn?] interviewed Gary Kersey for his program in Bellbrook.  Iced tea 80¢, liver and onions $5.95.

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