Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18, 1989-99 New Vienna Forestry Department

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1988 - DPL 1988 = 19.2 KWH;  1989 = 22.9 KWH $55.30;  1996 = 22.5 KWH  $68.82

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Mother seems to be asleep most of the time.  She leans to the right so much in her wheel chair.  A slow process in getting her to eat, she loves grapes and strawberries.

Thursday 1991 - Jean spoke at Blanchester UMC on our trip to China.  Put out 12 broccoli plants.

Saturday 1992 - Got 30 trees in Wilmington but too wet to put them out.  Everett Bailey spoke at our UMC Men's Group.  They are planning a trip to Israel in 1994. 

Monday 1994 - [England] Moved to the Chimes in Silver Hill area of Hastings.  Had nice front room over the dining area for 15# per night and also more choice for breakfast.  Peggy Pealle died at 69, retired 9/93 after 24 years as County Treasurer.

Tuesday 1995 - Moving day at Wilmington District UMC into old Sears building.  We helped a little, there were plenty of people.  MV and John both called.  Ate lunch at Chinese Restaurant, special was $2.75 and beef salad $3 (strips of beef over lettuce and that over noodles).  Got strawberries at Kroger's for 99¢/quart.  Picked nice bunch of asparagus in the garden.  Planted onions.

Thursday 1996 - We were in Wilmington at 7:30 for Jean's colonoscopy, she didn't remember a thing.  Ground breaking at WPL for new addition.  Got 25 red maple trees and 25 red oak trees.  [New Vienna must be getting heavily forested by now.]  We had lunch at Ponderosa.  Gas now 123.9¢

Friday 1997 - Jean had appointment at Christ Hospital, had lunch at Olive Garden at King Auto Mall exit.  Had soup, salad and rolls for $4.95 each -- supposed to be free refills but waitress did not offer.  Made stop at Warren County Probate Court for Lynch Estate.  Jean got stuff at Ace Hardware to clean up surplus pill containers.  Cleaned up sticks in back yard.

Saturday 1998 - Breakfast at Church.  Paul Kari [Vietnam POW] spoke, as prisoner his weight went from 173 to 103#.  Morton Austin sale in Lees Creek.  Senior Citizens pancakes for lunch.  Joke of taking couple up in plane for free if they didn't talk.  They made it.  Pilot surprised.  Man: "I almost said something when Ethel fell out of plane."  Had supper at Ponderosa.

Sunday 1999 - Pastor had children's services on foreign objects in water and how we can strain the particles out.  Same way with prayers, etc. in our lives.  Got us out 4 new toothbrushes for each of us.   Delta -- Escape Weekends:  Newark $99, Denver $149, Chicago $79, Portland $179, Philadelphia $89, Toronto $119, Milwaukee $79, Little Rock $79, Grand Rapids $69.

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