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April 7, 1989-99

April 7, 1989-99 Time and money

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Saturday 1990 - Tony McIntosh got started on Mother's bathroom,  [putting up] Marlite sheeting.  Jean and I are staying with Mother this weekend.  So many "Oh No" and "Oh My."

Sunday 1991 - Saw Mother at lunchtime, she drank well, but she fights food.  Did finally eat one strawberry.  Went to Wilmington and saw "Dancing with Wolves" $3.25 each, story of a fellow and the Sioux Indians, magnificent scenery, both bloody and passionate scenes.  Kroger's had nice strawberries  $1.39/quart.

Tuesday 1992 - [Roberta visiting]

Thursday 1994 - [Roberta visiting]

Friday 1995 - [Virginia]  Drove to Norfolk, visited the Chrysler Art Museum.  Had lunch there, saw the Ghent Historic District, the McArthur Memorial with the Public Library across the street, then the Botanical Gardens -- very nice, tour by both boat and car "train".  Had a good supper at the Ships Cabin Restaurant, Mixed Grill was $15.95 and Rockfish $18.95 = $34.90 + $3.49 tax.  Had tickets for "Forever Plaid" a play at F. Inn.

Sunday 1996 - [Easter]  Sunrise Service at 7AM, then a served breakfast.  We stayed there.  After church we went to Harper's Crossing to meet Serena.  Joseph Beth was closed, ate at First Watch.  Serena told us she plans to go to England 4/8 for four weeks and will then look for a job.

Monday 1997 - [returned from Phoenix]  Back from Phoenix on SW Airlines.  Red lot at airport is $30/week.

Wednesday 1999 - [Portugal] Spending night at at Pousada Palmela [part of a medieval castle, built by the Moors] for 31,000 Escudos [Portugal ceased using Escudos in 2002, 1 Euro = 200.5 Escudos.]  We had a snack at McDonald's as only big restaurants at the hotel where we were in Room 107.  Great View.  Had lunch in Algarve, at last a place to park on the street.

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