Thursday, January 30, 2014

1994 Roberta Letter -Jan.30

Dear Folks,

Don't panic – but then don't get in the habit of hearing from me twice in 1 week – thru the US Mail!  Actually I'm still in shock over our most recent phone bill.  Between Wendy's last week in 'BRIT' – as she says & Christmas our phone bill hit an all time high!

We just got recent pictures of Miss Ginny included w/ a birthday card for Sid – She sure does take a great picture – I had forgotten how blond she is.  She is a happy & smart looking child.  I sure appreciate Mary VA & Julie keeping me supplied w/ recent pictures of young generation!  I'm looking forward to the photo opportunities we will have at Estes! 

Cris H called today – he wanted to know final Amt – tho not due till end of June he wanted to send now so that July would seem closer!  I told him he could keep it in his Acct – instead of mine – so we'll see.  They bought a new (to them) car – 88 Buick – so they will drive to Estes.  Still unsure about Angela's graduation date!

Do you remember my friend Margaret Kaps – she & her daughter were at our wedding.  Her husband a serious diabetic – toes would fall off.  He died while I was in NYC in September.  She always wanted me to go to Garden Grove [also known as the Crystal Cathedral, which is now owned by the Catholic Church] to Schuller's conference –  well, to make a long story bearable – we are going to all day conference March 10th.

I called the 800# & it was unreal all the prices & seatings, meals – etc. available – from $49 to $225.  We went with $79 seat but  NO meals, not the $30 breakfast w/ Zig & $50 lunch w/ Larry King – or the $15 reserved parking.  We will take the bus down & walk to the AZ Center for lunch (under $5).

Guess who the last speaker of the day is?  George Bush!!  We feel like it's great value to hear all the speakers for $79.00.  Besides I can use it for business expense.

It's late – Love, Roberta

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