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1974 Roberta letter -Jan.27

 January 27, 1974

Dear Family,

Hi!  Another slow Sunday at work – so it looks like a good day to get caught up on some of my correspondence!!

Mary V – thanks for your last letter – I know by now that you must have gotten Grandma;s cookie order.  How many boxes of cookies did you sell altogether?  What was the most popular one ordered?  The Mint ones were always my favorite _ Have you been out selling them at the bank & places?  Last Monday night in front of the Weight Watchers meeting place in Lantana there were 2 girls selling cookies – but I made them move their table l& all down.

I won't be home for Feb. 11th, Mary V. –– what's happening then?

This Wednesday I have my first slew of tests.  Of course, – I'm really looking forward to them! (HA!) Especially the Social Psych one – the criminal justice courses don't scare me too much!

I've really been on the stick this last week about applying for summer jobs. There was an article in the school newspaper about this Service called Student Overseas Services (S.O.S.) that will try & place you in a summer job in Europe & also arrange for your room & board.  So I wrote them a letter (It said in the article that there is NO LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT).

Also wrote a letter to the man that I guess is the administrator of the Weight Watchers Summer Camps.  One of the women at the main office has been after me to apply so I finally did it!  W.W. has 4 camps – maybe 5 – for fat little kids.  One up in Canada, one in New York mountains, one in California and I'm not sure about #5!  The camp is for 8 weeks and costs the kids $1500 apiece.  Imagine that?  Anyway I've written to the man about being a camp counselor.

If everything (as far as jobs go) falls through for summer I guess there's always school.

Last night I went to the South Florida Fair – it's somewhere West of WPB.  Seven of us went all- together – 3 from FAU and 4 others.  Yesterday was the 1st day and the place was really packed. I was thinking this morning that you could go to Disney World almost cheaper than the fair – because it cost $2.00 to get in.  Then all of the rides were 75¢ - except for the kiddie rides – they were only 25¢.  And there's sure no comparison between D.W. and the fair!!

It's now 2:20 – I've had a total of 7 customers – maybe $10.00 if I'm lucky!!

Grandma had alot of trouble lately w/her legs & feet swelling.  She didn't go to Church today because she couldn't even get her shoes on.

I went to early service again today – the crowd was much better than last week ––

Well, got to go & get on w/ my other correspondence!!

Love, Berta

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