Thursday, January 09, 2014

1994 John's letter -Jan.9

Sunday evening Jan 9, 1994

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for driving up to see us Thursday night.  We enjoyed the visit and wish you could have stayed longer.

Mom, you were a big help on Friday watching Kate.  I am glad you were willing to babysit as both Julie and I want Kate to grow up knowing you both and spending as much time as possible with you.  Neither Julie nor I worried a bit about Miss Kate last Friday.  And Julie had such a good time at Applebee's with you.  thanks for treating her.

Dad, thank you for filling up the gas tank on the Dodge Omni and for bringing up the bookcases.  I know it wasn't easy to part with the National Geographics.  We appreciate you hauling them up last week.  We plan to set it up in the guest bedroom.

We just received the additional shares of Lincoln Telecommunications.  Thats for that gift as well, Mom and Dad, you both are most generous.

We have still been considering the possibility of going to Mongolia this summer.  I am writing our missionary friends this week to see if it would work form their end.  We need to pray more about it and check into the cost.  If we decide to go, would you have any interest in going with us?  Think it over and we'll be talking to you.  Stay warm!

Love, John, Julie & Kate

P.S.  We do not intend you two to pay any part of our travel expense if you decide to go with us.

P.S.S.  Mom, I believe you left your toothbrush.  --John
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