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1944 Jean Letter to Parents -Jan.7

Jean wrote this letter to her parents, Nat and Lucie Brown Ballantyne, in January 1944, shortly after returning to West Virginia University, where she graduated in January 1945.  She lived in the Chi Omega sorority house.  There is reference to Uncle Bert, Robert Morrow "Bert" Brown, who would have been 66 years old in 1944; he died October 4, 1946.  His wife, Aunt Leora Scott Brown, born 1880, died in July of 1944.  The reference to cousin John could be referring to their son, John Scott Brown (1911-1956), though I thought he went by "Scott."

Jean Ballantyne Uible's letter to her parents, January 7, 1944.  First and last page of 4 page letter.
Note the Chi Omega stationery.

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Friday, Jan. 7, 1944

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I have been so busy that I have not had time to write to you until now.  I called the Dime Delivery when I got in Monday at 4;30 and they said they would deliver my bags.  But I waited until Wednesday night and they still had not brought them so I went down after them myself and came back in a taxi.  I guess I should have done that in the first place.

Mother, are you taking a long nap in the afternoon and also your medicine?  I surely hope so.  Let the house work and cooking go.

What is new in New Cumberland?  It is time to pre-register for next semester.  I went to see Dr. Stathers today about it but he was busy so will have to wait until next Tuesday.

Margaret Matters, one of the girls who lives here in the house, lives in Athens, Ohio and her father raises turkeys.  He sent us a great big one and we had it last Wednesday night.

Junie told her grandmother she wanted a Bible for Christmas and so she gave her one and it turned out to be exactly like mine.  Her grandmother had her name put on the front of it or we would not be able to tell them apart.  It certainly is a nice one for in the back are notes about each book that helps me to study my Bible Literature.

I finally got the news for the Eleusis written but haven't got a whole lot.  Exams will begin a week from tomorrow.  Mine will all be over on the following Thursday -- that's two weeks from yesterday.  Next semester classes don't take up until the Next Thursday so I will probably be seeing you.  I may stay here until Friday in order to get a night's sleep caught up.  If you can go to Florida soon, don't let me interrupt your plans.  I can help you pack perhaps.

Was the package I had for Catherine Smith mailed?  I just had a little trouble with the typewriter - I couldn't get the tape on.

It is awfully cold out tonight.  I noticed snow off and on all day.  Did it snow at home the day I left?  The girls that live in Sistersville left at 12 noon and didn't get here until midnight because of snow and icy roads.

Next Tuesday night we are all going to the University play in a body.  The name of it is "Cry Havoc" and our new president, Janis Henderson has the leading role.  It is about seven nurses on Bataan.

There are no boys in it.  I guess Dr. Boyd had such a hard time finding enough boys for the last one and trying to keep them in it that he decided to try this.

How is Uncle Bert feeling now?  Bob and I stopped before we left but Aunt Leora didn't seem anxious for us to go in and see him.  How is she feeling now?  Is Cousin John able to move his arm yet?

I had planned to get to bed early tonight but it is already 1:00.

I hope you have both fully recovered from your colds.  Mother, please take a couple of hours off in the afternoon for a nap.  Forget about the work that could be done.  You can always find something like that to do, especially in New Cumberland.  Let me know your plans, please.

All my love,

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