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1984 Roberta's Letter -Jan.6

1/6/83 [actually 1984, following the wedding]

Dear Dad & Mom,

thanks again for ALL –– life is still hectic on Vogel street so I apologize for a short note.

Sid is taking Sara to airport now – I'll be leaving w/Morgan family in an our or so.

Enclosing some pictures – most of the roll did not come out great!  We did take another roll in – so will send more as we get them.

Hortons went to Tucson Thursday AM – will return Saturday.  Wednesday nite ate out at Bobby McGee's – Uncle Bill's treat.  Sara ordered one of the more expensive dinners – good thing Uncle Bill likes "the girls."

Hope you all had a safe trip home – thanks again for all you both did.  All the residents here kept the printed napkins / bird seed bags!  Have had many comments about what a nice / unusual wedding!

I love you both!  ––Roberta
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