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1974 Roberta Letter -Jan.1

Thanks, Roberta for starting the New Year off by writing letters. What developments will be seen in the "4" years? Transcription follows.

January 1, 1974
Dear Family,

HI and a happy new year to everyone!!!  I thought I would start the new year out right by getting a few letters written.  I was glad to hear the news that the postage won't be going up till March!!!

Cris and Rob got in this afternoon and both have been talking without much rest since they got in.  I remember when I first got back too.  They really got some neat stuff.  All four of us went to the airport in Miami to meet them.  We got there about eleven thirty and their plane was supposed to get in at twelve thirty.  But when we got there we got the bad news that the plane would not be in till 1:00.  So we walked around the airport and then we went and ate. It all worked out fine.  Their plane finally got in closer to two o'clock.

Cris and Rob did really have a good trip.  They both said that all did not go so good for Mares.  Guess she was sick all but a few days there and then on top of that was pretty homesick.

Vanessa called up today.  Guess she had to call you all and get the number here.  She told me that you all said hello.

We got all of your letters yesterday.  John, I thought you needed a Living Bible if you should go to Prep school.  (ha)  When are you all going to give up the News Journal???  I really don't believe it . . . . . after all these years it's almost a Uible tradition!!!  But I am glad you are keeping the Enquirer . . . . . John . . . . . as you said I will want something to do when I go home.

Last night (New Years Eve) I got together with about eight others from work for a little gettogher [sic]  (I sure misspelled that, but you know what I mean . . . . . get together.)  It was fun, we just sat around and watch T.V., played some games . . . . . Password and some type of football game (the kind little kids play with with their fingers) and ATE!!!!  We all took some food.  I took a bag of oranges and also a bag of apples.  They went over good.  In fact they were all gone.  I also took my own big bottle of diet pop so I saw the evening through without going hungary [sic] or breaking W.W.

We had the Lantana W.W. class yesterday afternoon.  It was from 3:30 till 5:00, but didn't have to talk or give food program, just had to weight people in, as they came.  I'll be glad when the holidays are over, it's an excellent excuse for too many of them.

Grandma and I are making plans to go to Disney World next Thursday and Friday.  This way I will only have to miss one day of work at B's and one W.W. class.  ; also it will be the first week of school so I won't have too much work piled on me then!!  Also I think those days will be much better as far as the crowds go at Disney and as far as getting gasoline.  (as compared to going on a week-end)

Well, I've got a big long list of people that I should write to so I better be cutting off.  Thanks again for your letters, John, Mary V. and Dad.  And again HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Love, Berta
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