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1974 Catherine's Letter -Jan.10

Thursday A.M.
January 10, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary,

Hi!  We're really enjoying everything you sent us for Christmas.  The pants & jacket fit fine and I've worn them several times.  X has also been wearing the sweaters.  The colors coordinate well with the rest of his clothes.

I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to sending the top back.  I'll try to do it today.  I wonder if you can return it though, if it had tags on it they must have been thrown out with the wrappings.  I'm not sure what we'll use the money for – maybe an excursion to Boston.  The TV guide hasn't started yet but we did get a notice that it would soon.

Things at the library are going OK.  Today is the monthly board meeting and it is also the annual meeting where all the reports are given, officers elected, etc.  I spent two days this week trying to get the circulation figures to balance.

Our 5% wage increase has begun but I guess it won't make too much difference in our take home pay.  Could you please send me the price we bought the following checks stocks: Eaton, Jewel, DP&L, Upjohn and Foremost McKesson.

I don't think I knew Nancy Bernard but I wrote the address down.  Thanks for the NZ address.

I guess you could send the gift from the Fenwicks either that or bring it when you come.  Yes I would like the plastic bags.  Save them until you come if you want.  I've got enough to keep me going until then.

Just out of curiosity what jelly are you thanking us for?

It's been down near 0º the last few days but today it's up to 16º.  We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and more is coming down now, the forecast says it is to change to sleet later today.

Next week X and some of the board members are going to Brunswick (home of Bowdoin College) to see the new $550,000 addition to their public library.  They don't think they could get more than $200,000 out of Sanford.

Our typewriter is in the repair shop.  I guess it needed cleaned – the last time was 3 yeas ago.

Well, I've got to get ready for work.

Love, Catherine & X

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