Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1984 Catherine's Oregon postcard -Jan16

Little Mac’s Motel, John Day, Oregon postcard mailed 1984.  Captioned: Little Mac's Motel, East Hwy 26 Downtown John Day.  Free Coffee - Phones - TV and Ice - Tubs and Showers - Individual Heating and Air Conditioning
1984 Catherine's Oregon postcard -Jan.16
Hi!  Thanks for your postcard.  You probably heard thru the grapevine that we made it home after an unexpected night at the Airport Sheraton in San Francisco due to a fog in Portland.  It took Wendy a few days to readjust to the school routine - she's been talking about her next trip to Ohio.  School will be out on June 6th.  I noticed TWA has a flight to Ohio from Portland but haven't ckd on any others.  Love, Morgans.

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