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1974 Roberta Letter Jan.6

January 6, 1974
Dear Family,

It's quarter of ten---really only quarter of nine--and I just got back from early Church.  This is the first Sunday they had had it xxxx---of all morning to start it-----when the country starts Daylight Savings time.  Ha.  There were quite alot of people down there, I was kinda surprised.  [From Daylight Saving in WebExhibits Early Adoption in law: On January 4, 1974, President Nixon signed into law the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act of 1973. Then, beginning on January 6, 1974, implementing the Daylight Saving Time Energy Act, clocks were set ahead. On October 5, 1974, Congress amended the Act, and Standard Time returned on October 27, 1974. Daylight Saving Time resumed on February 23, 1975 and ended on October 26, 1975.]

My vacation is quickly coming to an end.  I heard last night on the news that most students at F.A.U. would have to reregister because alot of the classes and scheduling had been changed.  Since its a commuters school the gas shortage and price has really affected its enrollment.  So tomorrow I will have to go down and see if things have changed any for me down there.

I guess by now that Serena has gone back to school.  The house must be getting quiet again with only the four of you there again.  Just wait till March when Serena and I will both be home again.  I think my vacation officially starts around the fifteenth of March; but I hope to be done before then.

Work at Burdines is slowing up.  Right now though we are busy getting ready for inventory which is--I think--the 22nd of this month.  All the imports in the department have to have purple price tags on them,/, which reads something like "Imported by Burdines"  I guess when we inventory all the imports have to be listed this time.

I got a Christmas card yesterday from Grace.  I couldn't read what it said but I could tell by the picture that it was a Christmas card.

I finally got around to getting my Florida drivers license.  Went out and too the test this last Wednesday.  The test was very easy, I think ten multiple choice questions----- like they showed a picture of a stop sign and then wanted to know what it meant.  I got my drivers license that morning too----just had to wait a few minutes on it.  And it even has your picture on it---makes a good ID.

We got your long and newsy letter Friday--Thanks.  I appreciate the prescription [sic] to Weight Watchers Magazine.  It's a good magazine--I enjoy the stories and recipes alot.  I've started passing some of the older ones I have around at some of my classes, I'll be lucky if I get them all back, but I guess that's life.  I saw in the WNJ the picture of the woman for "recipe of the week" that is also a WW lecturer.  She sure didn't look any too frail and thin to me.  I cut the article out to take into the main office the next time I go in for supplies.

I've been trying to try some new and different WW recipes so I can tell my classes about them.  I did try a soybean loaf--with cooked soybeans, mushrooms, green peppers, tomoto [sic] juice, carrots, celery and other stuff in it.  It was all for me and it really made up to be quite alot.  Grandma told me I should cut it in half and only eat half of it.

I go in to work at eleven thirty this morning......but after today I don't work at B's until next Saturday....since I'm getting off so that Grandma and I can go to Disney World.

We got to see Cris's slides last night of what he took in Africa.  I'm afraid he had too much camera equipment!!!!  Alot of his pictures did not turn out.  I wish you all could have seen all the special gadgets he took over for his camera.  We talked to Marianne the other night on the phone and she is more than happy to be back home.  She made the statement that if Joe wants to sleep his life away in Africa that was one thing but she intended to stay in the U.S. and enjoy luxurious living.  Rob really got alot out of the whole deal . . . It's a riot to hear him describe the trip, especially things like the slave house, etc.

This weekend-Thursday through Sunday, Rob goes to Daytona to play in the State Band.  Only two people got it from Lake Worth High School and only six people made it in the whole county; so it's quite an honor.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary are driving him there and also staying for all the activities.  Gee--I don't know what my problem is this morning but I seem to be making an awfully lot of mistakes.  [There are a few type overs which have not been recreated in this transcription.]

Friday night I went to Swede House--the place you can eat all you care to eat.  Friday night is supposed to be about the best night to go because they have crab meat, shrimp, etc.  Six of us went from work--Burdine's---NOT Weight Watchers.HA.  I ate just as much as anyone else but didn't go off WW-- I want to prove to my classes that it can be done.  They are always telling me that it's impossible to eat out or travel when on WW........

Did I tell you all that Catherine and X sent me a really pretty towel and washcloth for Christmas?  It's hard to describe--has all sorts of colors in it --- purple, red, pink, etc.  The White Sale is on now at Burdines .... and everywhere else.  Terry, one of my best friends at work works in that department and she says it's unbelievable how some people are buying up.  She had one customer yesterday that bought close to 400 dollars worth of sheets, blankets, towels, etc.  She said she was grabbing stuff like it was free.

Well, I better go.  I've got to eat yet along with other things that should be done.  OH!!!!  I know I didn't tell you all what I ate last week....Sunday to be exact.  I ate one ounce of xcheese....the one slice of bread, two ounces of fish, cheese and tomato juice.  It was surely good!!!!!  I seasoned it all up and it was quite tastey!! (spelling?)

Love, Berta
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