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1974 Catherine Letter -Jan.28

 Monday morning

January 28, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, John & Mary,

It was good talking to you all on Saturday.  I was paying the phone bill and noticed how inexpensive the calls to NV were so . . . .

We went to look at the 10 acres I told you about again yesterday.  It isn't ideal but it's alot better than most other things we've seen.  We have the option to buy until Feb. 2 and then somebody else will probably snap it up if we don't want it.  X has a couple other pieces he wants to see before making up his mind.

We got birthday cards from Roberta, Grandma and a card and a note from Oscar & Elizabeth.  Roberta also sent us a belated birthd Christmas present –– sheets & pillowcases in bright designs.

Did I tell you X is taking an auto maintenance course in adult ed this semester?  It just started last week.  I thought about taking upholstery but it interfered with other things.

Our typewriter has been at the repair shop for 3 weeks.  They're not known for their snappy service.  At least when one broke down at the library they gave us another to use in the meantime.

Yesterday we set a high temp. record here.  It got up to 57º.  This morning it is 20º.  Alot of the snow has melted.  What's left looks pretty grungy.

Well, I've got things to do.  Looking forward to seeing you.

Love, Catherine & X
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