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1974 Roberta letter to Mary -Jan.19

The back side of this letter is an advertisement entitled: Love For Sale: Come Pick-A-Pet at Burdines Pet Plaza, courtesy of the Animal Rescue League. Love the reference about age 40 and age 80 – here we are about half way between the two.  Transcription of this two page letter from Roberta to MV follows.

 January 19, 1974

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  How's everything with you?  Right now I'm at work – and you would never believe the excitement right outside our door.  As the back of this paper says – there are all kinds of cats & dogs for sale.  There are lots & lots of people all around – especially alot of children.  It's pretty noisy – dogs barking & children yelling!

We got your SHORT letter – but you know when your write such short letters you have to write more often.  When you can you should try & write Grandma – she always enjoys from you – so do the rest of us but we can all read the same letter!

You all have really gotten out of alot of school this winter – due to the nasty cold weather!  Will you have to make any of that up?  That's one thing the kids can't do down here – miss school due to snow & ice!

I'm glad you got the doddle [doodle?] board – I got one for myself too – except I got myself a fish one – since I eat so much fish!  HA!  I use mine as a lap board when I write – you know kind of like a clip board.

What do you do to make money now that you don't deliver the News-Journal anymore?

OH – now the people are beginning to walk through the department w/their new cats & dogs.  What an interesting day at work!!

Did Serena come home for her birthday?  How old is she now – 19 or 20?  We're all getting so old – can't you just me at 40 – I'll probably still be in school – HA!!  Or how about at 80!!!

Have you heard from Catherine/X lately?  It's been a LONG time since I have.  Of course – I probably owe them a letter!!

Well – I better go – say hello to everyone for me – and do write me when you can!!

Love, Berta
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