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1984 Family Letter -Jan.14

HH and Jean have returned to Ohio after Roberta & Sid's December 31, 1983 wedding.  Transcription follows.

Saturday, January 14, 1984

Dear Family:

The past four weeks (since we headed west) have been full of happy memories.  WE are glad that all of the family were able to share in the joyous wedding occasion and to become acquainted with Sid and his daughters, and all who are most congenial.

Yes, we are getting back to normal here in NV and can virtually write "84" without too much thinking.  Several people have been in the office about doing their 1983 income tax returns.  The Ohio tax return even has pictures on the cover showing some of the recreational opportunities in our State.  On the news last night they told about going skiing near Bellbrook, Ohio.  The ground is covered with snow now, but no particular problem.  We were so lucky to have had cooperative weather on our trip.

We spent part of one morning looking around Albuquerque (one of their jokes at the square dance club where we visited is "Have you been [here] long enough to spell the name of the city).  How I wish now that I had kept some notes of our fist trip there in 1935.  We were impressed by the number of people waiting to get into the downtown library at 9 A.M.  Intelligent looking unemployed - saw two later having a big chess game in the corner of the children's room.  There were a number of signs along the highway extolling the "Free 72 oz. steak dinner in Amarillo" and then in much smaller print "if you eat it all in less than 1 hour."  Driving the van was much easier than the motor home, especially when we took an extra two days each way.  Wish that we could have stayed longer but coming back leisurely was much better than rushing back as we did last year.  It wasn't hard to put in the time - did get Schuller's book "Tough Times Never Last - Tough People Do" read aloud plus other things.  If we'd had a tape player we could have heard MV's tape that she made us for Christmas.

We carried a number of things out which we brought back with us like the Christmas letter we sent to others so hope you don't mind getting it late - any suggestions for next year would be gratefully appreciated.  We would have liked to write more about each one of you but know how some letters we have received go on and on and on.  Dad just came in to report that some of the things which we thought we had left in Arizona he found in the various nooks and crannies of the van - like the camera instruction book,his shoes but the little bird feed bags haven't - did want to share them with Elizabeth and Ruth.  Dad did give Eliz. a grapefruit.  Ruth's Brother [George R. Shoemaker 1913-1984] passed away in Grove City - I talked to her on the phone Tuesday but haven't seen her yet.  Fannie Moore got a letter from her daughter-in-law and son who attended the wedding so she read it to her Sunday School class.  The write-up got in the paper last night - know we had forgotten to verify names of Sid's parents so want to correct that before we send it to the South Bend paper - how far off were we, Sid???  Virginia Peterson changed it around so it was hard to check but think she got most of what we sent in and a number of people have commented on what a nice wedding from the article they'd read.

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