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1994 Roberta Letter -Jan.26

Dear Dad & Mom,

Gee – where should I start?  I've had this envelope addressed since just after Christmas – & keep putting this & that in it!

Did have breakfast w/ JONES – including their Denver daughter & her 3 year old lively son.  Babs – ex Continental flight attendant – whose husband is a pilot w/ Continental.  Guess where we ate?  At McDonalds in Scottsdale – mostly for the pleasure of the grandson.  Enjoyed meeting them – they have had quite a stay in Arizona – of course reading every day the OHIO temperatures.  They have 2 sons here – 1 a teacher – 1 very well off.  That's the one that owns the condo where they have been staying & even has season tickets –Box– for Phx Suns (Basketball) people almost lie for those – lots of court cases – etc. concerning them.

Ed Jones is going deaf – well – he could benefit from a hearing aid.  I'll enclose a card I picked up at a recent meeting – casual test for such!

We had planned to go out to the Superstitions in the trailer – but turned cold – 60's – predicted RAIN – for the weekend.  We had beautiful weather everyday when Sara was here.  I'd sure be crying the blues if back in Ohio w/your recent snow & – zero!

We have had lots – maybe too much – cultural activities lately.  This next week 2/1 Travel Film – Venice at the Sundome – 2/5 Oklahoma - the musical & a Phx Symphony.  I'll go to the first two!  We also have a play at the Herberger an Aftn on the 6th.  I did goof up & didn't take orders for play – Shadowlands – life of C.S. Lewis.  Heard later how good it was!

A friend of our got us the words to In His Time – Inez thrilled – didn't realize it was such a new (especially for someone born in 1899!) hymn!

Did I tell you I got a nice note & Sympathy card from G.G.?  It's so much nicer than just getting a store bought w/signature alone!  She mentions Cy & Ellen & we have plans (Revolutionary new idea for Hortons!) to see them on Friday – Feb. 11.  I'll try to write GG soon but if you would mention how much I appreciate!

Spoke to Miss Wendy tonight – She seems to be ailing.  Must be rough being 16!  We have dinner tomorrow night w/ Morgans – going Greek for Catherine's B'Day.

THANKS!  For the generous Christmas check – it's going to good use in travel area since I've just gotten the bills for both my Feb – FLA trip & my April – Ohio trip!  I love the George Fox College Shirt w/hood & of course you know me & socks!  The cow socks from Ben & Jerry's are sure unique!

I just got my Christmas package from Serena [or Sara?] – 2 really nice pair of Blue (which I requested) ear-rings & also 2 pair of socks – 1 being Christmas pair & 1 being a combination slipper-socks (for our cold nights!)

We also like our BIRD tapestry from ?? alot – we had just the right place for it by the door in the bedroom.

Our February Guidepost just came today – we thank you for that too!  We both enjoy it.

Thanks too for your recent letter and for enclosing the long – well written obit for John Hughes!

Have you been in touch w/Cynthia?  I asked Wendy if she had written Cynthia & I think you know the answer.  I have to remind myself how FAR I have come since being 16 – and how very patient my parents & grandparents were with me!

When do you see Mary Virginia & family?  You might mention to them I'd be proud to let Miss Ginny have my frequent flyer ticket to get to Denver or maybe she could use it to come see us in AZ next few years.  That would mean all would have to fly on Continental.  Price RT to Denver from Phx $180.00 for July.  A Bargain as compared to those coming from the EAST.

Better go – get on the stair climber & do 3,000 steps!!

Much love, Roberta
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