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1974 Roberta letter -Jan.23

 January 23, 1974

Dear Family,

Hi!  Monday was sure a good mail day for all of us - as we got your letter, Mary V's letter, a letter from Serena, and one from Mares.  OH - and also heard from Cris - but he doesn't the use the U.S. Mail - he uses General Bell instead! (HA)  Thanks for the article on diets - way of life.  I've started keeping a folder on articles I can use - so if you ever see anything - especially on W.W. or otherwise I would appreciate it!

I'm glad you all had such a good trip to Chicago - it must have been neat staying on the 52nd floor!  [Was this the first use of the suite in the John Hancock building?]  Wasn't it just last year that I went to Chicago w/you all and we met Catherine & X there?

Inventory is all over now - thank goodness - till June!  We really had a time w/all the cards - but everything else went pretty fast!  We had so many drawers of cards & gift wrap paper to count!  I came home lat night hardly able to see straight – HA – and I'm sure I counted in my sleep last night.

I guess you all have heard the news about Dupont-Walston [A brokerage firm that collapsed in 1974].  Needless to say Uncle Bill hasn't been in too high of spirits lately.  Oh - you all know his birthday is coming up the 31st of this month.

Kress's the 5&10 cent store downtown W.P.B. - across from B's is going out of Business.  Poor downtown WPB seems to be dying!!

One thing that I have to do while I'm home in March is to go & see Doctor Hause.  If I should need an appointment will you please make me one.  I lost part of a filling Monday but I'd rather wait & see Dr. Hause instead of going to a dentist down here.  I did make an appointment about a week ago to see a gyn (sp?) doctor.  The appointment isn't till March Feb. 5 – but it will be here before I know it!!

How's the new minister and his family doing?  We noticed in the WNJ where the name had been changed in the Church news.

I've been thinking of having the Buick painted while I'm home in March.  It really needs it – also I think it might run better if I got it painted  HA!  You know – like you feel better when your hair is clean!

Nancy & I and sometimes 2 others are carpooling it down to school now.  The only thing I dislike about the set-up is that they like to get here about 9:00 in order to get a cup of coffee, and a donut somewhere.  But - it does save alot of money w/gas and also it's nice having company – especially Wednesday nights - our class is usually over between 9:00 & 9:30 p.m.  We're all in the same evening class - but each one of us has a different 9:30 morning class!

My Monday evening W.W. class of 23 people lost 69½ pounds last week!  That really looked good on our tally.  I'm just real proud of them!  W/ the holidays over they are really buckling down to program.

I wish I could brag as much on my Friday morning class – oh – they are a bunch of characters.  Most of them either from Century Village (a Jewish Community near the mall) or from Palm Beach.  Every week they have about a 1001 questions and they have all the answers before they ask the questions!!  Alot of them are here from New York – and we do things alot different than the N.Y. franchise which causes some problems.  We are much stricter.  All in all it makes for everything to be pretty exciting!!

School is going right along!  Since I'll be done March 6h this is really a fast quarter for me.  OH –– Teresa (a girl from B's) and I are making plans to go to Florida State Univ. and visit – probably the 2nd or 3rd week-end in Feb.  When I say week-end I mean leave on Thursday and get back on Saturday.  Fla. State is supposed to have one of the best law enforcement programs in the country.  Why not add another school to my list??  (Ho-Hum!!!)  Everything I've done here would transfer there w/ no problem.  The only thing is that I would hate to go that far North - might get cold up there.  HA – but that's what Teresa says.  Right now she's a Soph. at the Junior College.

Well - I better close for now & look at my books for a few minutes before I go to class ––

Love, Berta
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