Friday, April 05, 2013

1983 New Ford Van - April 2

April 1983 brought the arrival of a 1982 Ford Van, possibly in replacement of the "Bubble,"  which was still on the scene in 1982.  Another Ford Van was purchased from Bill Marine in February 1990, and had the misfortune of being backed into a tree at the Sankers on the same day as purchased.  That's one way of not having to worry about the first scratch.
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Mary Crowson said...

I remember that van fondly....very comfortable! Can't believe they charged extra for the radio! I remember vaguely driving it to NC to see the Cris Hortons because of dual fuel tanks we didn't have to stop for gas. Also the folks allowed me to take it to W.Va. when I went with the Straight family to a reunion of theirs in the mid 1980s.

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