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1972 MV's Weekend in Michigan report

Not sure exactly when this was written but the trip took place in the spring of 1972.  Catherine and X lived on an apple orchard farm during the winter and spring of 1972.  The property was for sale and the owner was hoping for a big price and rented it cheaply with the understanding it could be sold at any time.  After the sale the property was turned into an RV park and campground.  Transcription follows.
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B. Page 67 - English - Mary

A Week-end at Michigan

We got to Michigan on a friday night and boy was I tired.  Then came the big moment. I got my birthday present which I was waiting for.  I got some seeds.  Two of them were strange to me they were spaghtti and sponge plant.  Then the next morning we went for a walk on my brother-in-laws 100 [acre] apple orchard.  Cathy and X's Irish Satter went with us.  Then we went to the shopping center and then we got soming to eat and went home and went fishing.  It was the first time I'd been fishing.  We were just about ready to leave and John threw his line and he caught a Bass.

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