Wednesday, April 03, 2013

1973 25th Anniversary in the Carolinas

Though never mailed, this card makes a great reminder of what happened and where they were on HH and Jean's 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Transcription follows.
1973 Village Inn Restaurant postcard, Hendersonville, NC
Captioned: The Village Inn, 1501 Greenville Highway – U.S. 25 South, Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739.  "Open Year Round"  Our French Chef at Your Service – Serving Food in a Quiet Atmosphere and Pleasant Surroundings.  Located in Hendersonville – "The Mountain Vacationland" at the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains – With Ideal Temperatures the Year 'Round.  Charles & Blanche Coggins, Your Host & Hostess.  Specializing in buffet - prime ribs.  "There is no Finer Food Today, Tomorrow it Will Even by Better"
1973 Postcard Memento from 25th Anniversary Trip - April 3

Apr 3 1973
Ate here on our 25th Anniversary after leaving Roberta at airport in Spartanburg, SC.  John ate bread w/chitlin's.  Had pizza & ice cream with Zooks in/near Johnson City, Tenn.

Serena, John & MV with us – going to Winsburg [Winnsboro?], Charleston, SC & up north.

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