Saturday, April 27, 2013

1982 Roberta - April 27


Dear Family, I'm between meetings ..... and oh how I hate them.  I try to meet "Officially" with each house once a week.  It's next to impossible to keep them on any kind of track.  Always get on the subject of everyone's aches and pains.  Or maybe stuck on "I always have to clean the bathroom".

We had a good weekend at the cabin.  Never did get the water turned on because we had bought the wrong size something or another.  This last weekend Marion went up (with the two dogs) and Sally and worked all weekend.  Found out that the water heater is a goner.  And the refrigerator is on its last leg.  The kitchen floor needs to be redone .... but that's not of an emergency status.  I'd like to rent it out while we are gone in June.  I've seen ads for as high as $200 for a cabin for a week.  It's not easy trying to keep up financially and physically two residences -- and not living in either one.  (Besides where we are here --- 7 houses!!!

Our last house is to open up next week.  Then we will just have four openings.  We continue to get new ones and lose some.  It's all very interesting.  Time flies ..... and that is good.

I'm sure looking forward to getting home in June.  So glad that Mary Virginia will be flying out to go back with us.  Mie Young is welcome too ..... the car is plenty big enough !!!!  I run out of as in the Bubble on Saturday.  It was about 2:30 in the afternoon and I was just between exits on the freeway.  Was the first day it hit 94 --- I started walking and a nice man stopped --- took me to the gas station and then brought me back to the car.  Other than that no problems .....

I'm enclosing some pictures of the car --- I got a ticket for parking in a handicapped space.  The fine was $30 so I was bound determined to get out of it.  The pictures did a great job for me.  In the meantime I got a special handicapped paper so I can now park in those places without worry of a ticket.  It's just on a piece of paper -- so I keep it on a clipboard so can transfer it from one car to the next.

I read in the paper about Ashbrooke dying.  Isn't that the man that John worked for????  I need to be going --- I apologize for not being a very good letter writer but I assure you all that the mailbox is no indication of what I think (or how much) of you all.

Love, Roberta

Please – send pictures back – fine to pass around first.
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