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1982 Roberta's letter - April 14

Catching up on some letters from 1982.  Thanks to Roberta for recently sharing two boxes overflowing with letters from the 1960s to the 90s.   Transcription follows.

[Apr 14 '82]

Dear Family,

I have both the dogs outside right now (barking away at the door) so thought I would try to get a few uninterrupted lines in.  Charlie is really growing --- I'm convinced he needs to be out on a farm.

We had Easter Dinner here for the ten people that didn't have anywhere else to go.  Used the good tablecloth, linen napkins, fine china .... the whole bit.  People seemed to really enjoy it.  Luckily enough -- served mostly leftovers ---thus making up Easter Dinner.  Enjoyed having it here so we could use the microwave for warming most of it up.

How was Easter in New Vienna?  Was it warm enough to walk to  Church?  Here it  got up to 90.

Sounds like a great idea if Mary Virginia and Mie Young would come out the first part of June.  There will be plenty of room in the Bubble for all to ride back.  Plus would more than welcome the company and extra drivers.

I am sending in my income tax money tomorrow.  I don't want them to have a dime of it an hour too early !!!!  Marion's big bundle of a check arrived last week.  I m think I mentioned it to you all about trading back and fourth of the real estate deals to benefit both of us.

Hope to get to the cabin this weekend.  I have off the weekend.  Bet if will be quite cold up there ....  I remember last Memorial Day weekend .... and how cold it was there then.  Thanks to Dad the fireplace was a big help.  Perhaps we would have time to go to the cabin when and if Mary Virginia and Mie Young can come out.

Marion has been quite busy around here planting flowers in all of the fronts of the houses.  Really looks nice already -- but with time should be very pretty.  She talked of putting SENIOR VILLAGE in big letters of flowers but gave up on that idea.  (thank goodness)  Now -- each house is different -- some overwater their flowers, others are not good about watering.  The new project is redoing the sprinkler system.  It is full of leaks and broken down pieces.  Marion does enjoy taking on a new project and learning how to fix .

Will send you all some pictures.  You will see we have a new vehicle.  Really need it for the family, (of dogs) plus quite nice to use here at the "Village".  Must get doing ........  please send pictures back –  We traded in the truck.

Love, Roberta
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Mary Crowson said...

I did go out after school was out but Mie Young did not and rode back in the "the BUBBLE". I have very little memory of the trip other than we took baked chicken in a cooler and made sandwiches out of it while Marion drove down the interstate. Odd what you remember!

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