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1983 Family Letter - April 9

Some of the typos/errors have been corrected and others have not.  That might earn a C- as an official transcription.  Transcription follows.

Saturday - 
April,9, 1983'

Dear Family,

RIN  ANT Thistypewriter doesn't seem to be working very weill - it's a bad combination with my not typing well.  Just realized it had been left on "stencil" so no wonder I was having trouble.   Sorry about that!

Grandma arrived back a week ago Tuesday - in good time for Easter.  We did look for Serena to come home altho she hadn't said she would but and didn't but MV came along with Mie Young and three Wilmington College students. So we did have eight and had the turkey that had been given to us at Christmas.

Mie Young did a good job - singing very well at the Miss Southwestern contest but we were all disappointed that she didn't place in the chosen final 15.  She did have stiff competition and a girl from Johnstown - NE of Columbus [Gina Pauline Neibarger, who had won the Miss Southeastern Ohio pageant in 1982] won with a song she had written the words & music for and which she played on the piano.

It was nice having John and X and three friends here overnight Thursday and Friday nights while they attended a seminar in Dayton.  It was held every evening from Mon, the 4 and then all day Friday and Saturday.  Mary Virginia also attended along with others from Port William and all seemed to think it was very worthwhild.

Our church had a nice Easter Sunrise Service . . . . MV was oneof the participants, followed by breakfast.  Yesterday, Dad attended the Wilmington area Methodist Men's Retreat at Camp Kirkwood (about 5 miles west of Wilmington) which he enjoyed.  One of themen there was Eli Yovich, whose daughter is a good friend of Carol Uible . . . what a smhl world.  Gee, didn't think I could "murder" the word "small" so much.

Grandma is getting back on schedule after her midnight arrival in NV.  She fell on the floor once, but was indeed lucky with no ill effects.  Her spirit is an inspiration to all of us.  She will be getting new glasses this next week and going to the Doctor tomorrow for a check up.  Yes, the Checker [aka as the Bubble] is running ... as Bert said it is a conversation piece.

We were talking with Serena on the phone today . . . she thinks Washington will win in next week's mayor contest in Chicago.  The contest has certainly been in the news.  [Serena was a good political forecaster – Harold Washington was elected the first black mayor of Chicago in April 1983, serving until his death in 1987.]

The rhubarb is thru the ground and our grass needs mowing, but the groundis too wet to run the mowerr over it.  The pear tree is in bloom.

It is now Sunday and we have to use the side door of the Church to get in, as the Churchis putting in a new ramp and steps at the front door.  Grandma will appreciate that.  She came up for lunch and the weather was fairly cooperative.

Roberta called us . . . sitting beside the pool at their new home . . . sounds like the life tho we all know there is responsibility with the job also.  She said the Bruces are coming over to see her.  Guess she told them that she would call them Tom & Lois IF they could cove over from San Diego to visit her.

Hope you all have your income tax returns ready to file.  Did you have the forms available for distribution in the library, Catherine?

[Much Love, etc.]
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