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1983 Catherine's letter - April 27

Life in Oregon, spring 1983. Transcription follows.

April 27, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Well, now you should be hearing from us more regularly as I finally finished up the Elks books.  We turned them over to the auditor earlier this week.  Assuming the audit turns out OK that should be the end of that.  We still have a few more final reports to type up and then we will be completely finished.
We did take one day off last week and went to Kah-nee-ta.  Wendy really enjoyed the swimming.  She can now stand up in all of that first section of the pool so it gave her alot more mobility.  We stopped for lunch at the Deschutes Crossing a restaurant right next to the Deschutes River in Warm Springs where we had never eaten b before.  It was pretty good.  Wendy said she didn't feel well while we were eating but she took a xnap on the way home and then seemed to f be fine.  As you may remember we had hesitated in taking her there previously because it seemed like she was always sick for two days afterwards.

We are going to take Wendy to an allergy specialist next fall and see if we can get this problem with her congestion cleared up.  She has been congested constantly since about last October and it is finally beginning to clear up for the summer.  Madras now has an allergy specialist ( a Rajneesh) who is here one day a week.

Wendy and I have been out riding her bike every day now that daylight savings time gives us time to do that in the evening.  She isn't quite ready to take off by herself yet though.  She still has trouble using the brakes.

We are having second thoughts on going to Florida.  The travel agent called last week and said the fares had gone up again.  Of course threre is the chance they will come down again but being as we wanted to go at Christmas time there is no way we w can count on being able to take advantage of these special fares.  If we went to California and Arizona instead we would certainly have more money to spend on our vacation rather than on g transportation.  And we wouldn't have to go at Christmas time as DeeDee wouldn;t g be going with us as she would already be there.  Anyway, that is what we are thinking about.  Please let us know your thoughts on this.

Gerry has been playing some golf and we plan to join the golf course as of May 1.  We may also join the swimming pool (located at the golf course but a separate member fee) this summer since DeeDee and Wendy could take advantage of that.

The library had an Open House last week inh honor of National Library Week and we had two local authors come anda autograph books.  It was fairly successful and we learned a few things about how to do it better the next time.

We picked the first of the rhubarb about 10 days ago and I picked some more last weekend.  Very tasty.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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