Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1993 Roberta's letter - April 11

We've recently read about Roberta in 1973 living in Florida, in 1983 relaxing by the pool when she wasn't busy running Senior Village. In 1993 she writes a letter to Grandma.  Twenty years had brought a greater acceptance of cats.  Transcription follows.


Hi Grandma!

Happy EASTER!  We have had a great day – went to 11:00 Church – so many people there – could hardly find a parking space!  The choir had better music than ever!

Then we came home & had a quick lunch of leftovers before I went out hiking with Catherine & Wendy.  We hiked over 4 miles – then stopped on the way home for ice cream!  My diet starts next month!

Tonight we ate our Easter supper.  Sid cooked up a HAM, Sweet potato, green beans, salad & for dessert – pineapple upside-down-cake.

The weather today was 88ยบ!

I'm looking forward to coming to OHIO – even tho I know the weather won't be so warm!  I hope I won't need to borrow your winter coat!

I'll be in to see you FRIDAY early evening – so hope you get a good nap during the day!  WANT me to bring the CATS?  The big cat just jumped up on the table!

GRANDMA – I look forward to seeing you this FRIDAY – it reminds me of when we used to always look forward to your arrival from Florida every year in OHIO around Easter time!

I wish Sid could come too to Ohio – but instead he will work for me so I can come to OHIO.

Much Love, Roberta
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