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1973 Catherine's Letter - April 1

Counting the days until moving to Maine.... Transcription follows.

Sunday, April 1, 1973  4 P.M.

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi!  Hope your trip went all right.  Thanks for the post card.  Glad to hear Roberta got the job.  What is she doing?  Is she living with the Hortons?

Things here are moving right along.  We have put ads in the paper for the house, the car and the dog.  Several people have called and one couple has looked at the house but we're not going to decide for sure until for a few days yet.  Thanks for the lease form, Dad, I typed it up this morning.  Alot of people have looked at the car but nobody has bought it yet.  As for the dog, we have now decided to take her with us.  Just this afternoon, Mrs. Sheltra called us from Sanford.  She has found an apartment in a sort of complex about 6 miles from town where we will be able to keep the dog for $5.00 extra per month.

You'll have to accept a delay on the anniversary gift.  I haven't had time to do any looking even.  I hope it is (was) a happy day.  Twenty five years is pretty impressive.

We found the book How to Prepare for the Coming Crash, by Preston.  The guy is an ultra-conservative but if you ignore that part his recommendations seem OK.  He suggests that a family should have at least a year's supply of water, food and medicine (if necessary) stored.  All money (except a checking account to cover current bills) should be removed from the banks and the stock market and about $1,000 put in silver coins and the rest in silver bullion.

Sorry I rushed Serena's Cliff Notes.  I debated between them and a similar type thing called Monarch Notes.

We're hoping to see you the weekend of the 13-14th.  X's mother is leaving on the 10th. Although we won't have a lot of time to entertain you, you're welcome to stay here.  Too bad you aren't coming the next weekend so you could help us load the truck! Ha.

X missed classes all this past week but he seems to be improving now.  I've been taking an extra dose of Vitamin C and that seems to be sustaining me.

Well, write soon!  We're only going to be at this address another 19 days!

Love, Catherine & X

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