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1962-63 Serena's Ohio Pupils Reading Circle certificate

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Ohio Pupils Reading Circle selections by grade level were always to be found at the Wilmington Public Library, and though this is the first certificate to show up in the family paperwork, there will certainly be more.  

Serena probably received this certificate, signed by R.W. Fenwick and Aleda Purtee in the fall of 1962 when she started second grade, as the books were generally read in the summer time.  The books Serena read which constituted the Second year of the course were:
  • Word Twins by Mary Sue White (published 1961) still available in 131 libraries, though Columbus being the library closest to New Vienna where it is still available.
  • A Good Place to Hide by Louis Slobodkin (1961) - available in 114 libraries, Cincinnati being closest to New Vienna.
  • The Whirly Bird by Dimitry Varly (1961) - available in 172 libraries, Cincinnati closest.
  • Lonesome Little Colt by C.W. Anderson (1961) - available in 422 libraries, Central State University in Wilberforce being the closest to New Vienna.
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According to an article in the Bryan (Ohio) Times on Aug. 26, 1913, the Ohio Teachers' and Pupils' Reading Circle was then finishing the thirtieth year and texts for teachers included:
  • In Pedagogy [science/art of education] – Graves' "Great Educators of Three Centuries." (1912)
  • In Literature – Shuman's "How to Judge a Book." (1910)
  • In Agriculture – Carver's "Principles of Rural Economics" (1911) and Key's "Education of teh [sic] Child."

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