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1973 Roberta - April 23

 April 23, 1973

Dear Family -

Hi!  Got your letter today - written April 19th.  thanks.  Serena - I'm glad you were accepted at Hope College but it wasn't really a big surprise was it?  I knew you would be accepted there - so are you going to go there?  Or maybe you've decided you would weather go to U.C. !!?

Yes - I'd heard about the wreck Susie Elliot was in - though I'm in the "deep south" I manage to keep pretty well informed!!

We are all fine down here - Grandma has been busy doing a little packing each day.  She is such a big help to Aunt Mary - I don't know what else she will do after Grandma leaves!!

Guess what I did tonight??  I joined Fat Club - Weight Watchers !!  I have exactly 50 pounds to lose!  I'm really serious about it - I even bought one of those scales, to weigh out all of my food.  It's going to kill me to only eat 1 ounce of cheese at a time - and only 4 ounces in a whole week!  Serena - are you still in W.W?  Down here it costs $3.00 a meeting - is that how much it costs in Ohio?  It's too bad I didn't lose my weight last year when it only cost $2.00 a meeting!!

Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill got their tickets today for their trip.  They will be leaving May 15th and will be gone till June 7th.  Aunt Mary has really been reading the travel books but now she has read so much - by different people w/different ideas that she is getting confused!!

About my new job - I may not take it.  I'm really very happy now at Burdines.  I like what I'm doing - and I'm sorta afraid to change.  I also know that I want to go back to school so I don't think I should be worried about finding the very best job.  The pay for the w/the city of West Palm Beach is really good - $2.54 an hour - but I can't imagine myself typing and filing & keeping all kinds of information straight.  I'm just not the secretary type – and I don't care to become the type !!

One way or another - I have to let the city know tomorrow – the more I think about it - the more I'm confused !!

Burdines was really crowded today - as the after Easter sales began - but not only the store was crowded - the phone kept ringing - all these people calling up and ordering stuff on the phone!

I bought a dress today. (at Burdines of course!)  It-s blue - with a sweater to match.  A Batke [?] knit - I hope it lasts as long as my blue  (Batke knit) suit.  It had been marked down - and then I got 15% off.  It's really the 1st thing I've bought at Burines - besides 1 pair of shoe-strings.

I got my papers from the Board of Election - they are filled out & on their way back to Ohio already.

Grandma got a check for $42 today from the Telephone Company - for the damage done to the Buick.  I'm just glad the whole mess is straightened out!

Well - I better be closing - it's getting late -  I'll let you know about what I decide to do about the job.  Remember - Hang in there !!

Love, Bert

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