Monday, April 29, 2013

1993 Calvin's postcard - April 29

Calvin writes a postcard which includes the word "descried" – not a word often found on postcards.  Transcription follows.
Great Smokies Cable Mill Postcard - mailed 1993.  
Captioned: John P. Cable Mill, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Just after the Civil War, John P. Cable harnessed the water at the lower end of Cades Cove to power a mill over the years.  Parts of it were repaired, replaced and modified.  Today this demonstration mill is like the "old axe" that's had two new heads and three new handles.
1993 Calvin's postcard - April 29

Natural Bridge, VA  Apr. 29 [postmarked May 3, 1993]

Dear Harold & Jean,

Finally after all these years I've stood beneath the natural bridge & descried the "GW" that the Father of our country is said to have inscribed there c1750.  Then T. Jefferson bought it for $2.40 (I paid $7.00 to see it ...) in 1774.  I'm driving from San Antonio to Germantown, MD, for grandson Nicky's 3rd birthday on May 3.  (Jean's sister in hospital in S.A.)  What are you all doing? –Calvin

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Calvin Clifton Smith, 1926-1999, graduated NVHS in 1944.
Jean Bankert Smith, 1929-2000, was from Maryland.

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