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1973 MUH Letter - April 2

April 2nd [1973]   

Dear Harold and Jean:

TOMORROW is the BIG DAY!  Where are you anyway?  Did you get any of the stormy weather we've read about in the Carolinas?  I'm wondering where 'Bert' is today.  We're expecting her back tomorrow unless we hear differently.  On our 25th no one was home but Rob as I remember . . . . you were LUCKY . . . . . . you at least had a higher percentage of 'chilluns' with you.  HA!  Are you thinking . . . . where has the years gone?  I guess the next 25 will go even faster.  We wish you many many years of happiness together!

I think Mother is anxious to get back to Ohio.  Do you think she can make it without Mrs. Wilson?  Marie or can she find someone else to run in and out?  She really has slowed up this year but always in fine spirits.  Florida hasn't been too kind to her this winter or should I say the Hortons????  She's had this 'cold' continuously in spite of anything she takes orally or any other remedies.  I tell her, like us, she must be allergic to the CAT!  And mentioning the cat . . . . . your daughter [Roberta] goes into hysterics over 'Blackie' . . . . . .  The evening he jumped out of her suitcase (he loves that and waits expectantly for open drawers and such) I thought it was a great calamity when "R" screamed . . . . . . she can't stand to have him rub her legs . . . . . . each to his own!  HA!

Cris got off to Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam) in The Netherlands, Sat. about 6:00 PM.  Went to Nassau, then to Luxenburg [Luxembourg] by air, and took train there for destination.  Would like to have been a little 'mouse' to watch events.  He reported on the job this AM.  He got a ltr from a Mr. Bot enclosing a reservation for  a hotel room on Sunday night.  He was hoping to live in with a Dutch family so maybe that will work out later . . . we will be anxious to hear form him.  We hope to go over some time this late Spring or early June.  I hear Serena is going to S.A. once again and you two are 'traipsing' also??

We really ENJOYED ROBERTA!  And she came in the nick of time for me . . . . . she was TREMENDOUS HELP!  She is a CREDIT to you both!  We got along fine and HOPE you approve of her staying here . . . . Rob is really looking forward to having Roberta live with us . . . . . . hope she hasn't changed her mind; or you changed it for her.  HA!  BELATED RETURNS of the day . . . . 3rd of APRIL!

Love, Mary, Bill & all.
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