Sunday, April 28, 2013

1993 Roberta hikes rim to rim

Among the possibly scores of postcards Roberta sent on her rim to rim hike in May 1993, these two sent to her parents and her niece, display different views of the same bridge.  Transcription follows.
Grand Canyon Postcard - Mailed 1993.  Captioned: Kaibab Suspension Bridge.  Located on the caynon floor, it spans the mighty Colorado River near the mouth of Bright Angel Creek and Phantom Ranch.  Photo by Jerry Zagst

Hi!  We are now at Jacob's Lake – 45 miles from North Rim.  There is SNOW up here!  Dad will remember passing thru this bridge!  I look forward to it w/downhill behind us!  Love, Roberta

Grand Canyon Postcard - Mailed 1993.  Captioned: View across the Colorado River near Phantom Ranch captures mule train, river runners, Kaibob [sic] Suspension Bridge and beautiful spring flowers.  Photo by John Hampton Morris

Hi!  Should we go ahead & make reservations for May 95!?   We did not get near the water – very muddy!  It's cold here – but nothing like it was in MARCH!  Love, Roberta

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