Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1983 MV's letter - April 24

MV writes a letter home from college, getting close to the end of her freshman year. Transcription follows.

April 24, 1983
Dearest Mom and Dad,

A couple things I wanted to cover and I hadn't written you for a long time so I decided to get busy.  I just finished typing my paper for New Testament Studies, and hadn't gotten the type writer put away, so I decided to sit down and write a few letters.

Linda Oates was up to see me last Wednesday . . . . it turns out her father and grandparents live in Hebron (near Newark).  We're going to tryto go up the weekend of May 13 , if John and X will be available and Linda can get away for the weekend.  Would it be possible to get the Chevette that weekend?  Or I would take the van, if you insist.  ha ha

I have been thinking seriously about taking a year off school to decide whether I really want to finish, and if so what I want to major in.  I don't want to waste any more money if I really have no desire to study seriously.  Any input you have as far as advice , or otherwise would be greatly appriciated [sic].

This weekend Young Disciples will be going to Icthus on Saturday . . . . We're taking the church bus, leaving at 8:00, and get back sometime late Saturday.

That's about all the news from the college campus;  I did get a letter off to Aunt Virginia tonight.  Hope the Sound of Music was good.  Sorry I couldn't go, but hope you found someone to use the ticket.  Tell Grandma hello.  Thanks again for the golf balls.

love . . .
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Mary Crowson said...

LOL....I didn't take a year off school, although there was a semester (that one??!) that I pretty much flunked or withdrew from everything....including my PE class which was GOLF.

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