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1953 Jean's letter to her Mother - Feb. 2

These 1953 letters give us a glimpse into family life in New Vienna in the early 1950s. First and last page of this six-page letter are pictured below. Transcription of entire letter follows.
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Feb. 2, 1953
Dearest Mother,

Finally the stationary arrived so you'll be seeing it for a long time judging from the big box.  200 sheets & 100 envelopes for $1.00 as advertised in National Geographic

The dress you sent Catherine is beautiful & you couldn't have sent a color that pleased her more [was it blue?] and such a darling slip to wear under it!  Roberta sure was glad to be included in on the birthday too with a pretty yellow dress.

Catherine has shown her new things to everyone that comes to the door including several of Harold's clients  – she really thinks its her duty to entertain them.  Virginia sent a cute red-striped (one piece) top & red bottom culotte which she looks cute in now.  But the big hit was the dress you sent.

We never got tickets to Uncle Al's program which we wrote you a month ago and besides we had quite a snow Thursday morning.  Harold was going to Dayton Friday though so we all accompanied him and got some things we had long been needing.  Roberta had completely outgrown her shoes (toes were curling) we got her a pair of saddles & got both of them dressy patent leather just alike which will be more or less for Easter.  Guess they take after their Mother in liking apparel for their feet.  Catherine said her new shoes make her feel so happy.  Roberta surely must feel better too in less cramped shoes.

We also got some pajamas – two piece knitted by Hanes – ski-style.  The clerk recommended size 8 as she had gotten some for her 4 yr daughter but they're plenty big now.  I know they'll shrink some as we left room for that.  Got her 3 pairs green, blue & tomato red – they had been $3.29 & reduced 4 times for $1.66 so time will tell.

We stopped to see Dr. and Mrs. Bruce.  They have moved to a new (to them) home – and have completely redecorated it.  We got there about 4:30 after having been all over Dayton trying to find their address & found out we'd been within 2 blocks an hour earlier when Harold made one of his business calls.

They invited us to dinner & how good it tasted – fried chicken, peas, tossed salad, hot rolls, black raspberry jam, & pecan pie with whipped cream – most everything has come from their deep-freeze.

Their living room & dining area is coral – painted to match the slip covers on her couch & light green cotton wall to wall carpeting & light green drapes.  They have a den, bedroom, bath & kitchen also downstairs & a big bedroom upstairs with an immense cupboard on one side and an unfinished attic on other side. 

Her brother & wife are expecting their 5th & the previous 4 are all girls.  They went out to see them after the 4th.  We were all tired out by the time we got home that night but have recuperated by now.

There was a shower at the church Saturday night for a girl quite active – she is pianist for the SS and he teaches one of the children's classes.  They both work & live near Dayton & come home for the weekend.  She got alot of nice things.  [possibly Wilma Thornburg Croghan, she would have been 20 in 1953 and her husband, John E. Croghan, 22.]

Harold has Mr. Neffner's [See January News from the "3" Years for more info about Neffner.] estate which will be alot of work but should net a good bit for him too.  An attorney in Chillicothe has Mrs. Runk's estate – he is an old friend of her son's who had tried to get Harold to handle Bobby's estate til his 3rd wife's attorney stepped in & it was turned over to still another attorney.

We have lost four people from our church in just a month.  Mrs. Mabel Davis' mother-in-law (Mrs. Davis is the reporter for the News Journal) passed away last Saturday.  They were about the closest of any mother-in-law–daughter-in-law I've ever seen.  Mrs. Davis' husband used to be the funeral director here.

The Lions Club is having Ladies Night this Thursday Wednesday night – with movies by Sohio.  Mr. Fenwick is in charge of entertainment and Dr. Fullerton in charge of refreshments.  He (Dr. F) had to go to Cincinnati today to take his physical examination for Selective Service.  New Vienna will be in fine shape if he should be taken.

Harold has had infection in his thumb – he's been soaking it in Epsom Salts but its immense & all inflamed.  He finally decided to go to the doctor's this evening.  Hope he's back for office hours.

Catherine is getting Roberta ready for bed so perhaps I should take a hint & help her.

All our very best love, Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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