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1983 GHU letter - Jan. 26

 Wed. evening, Jan. 26 [1983]

Dear Harold and Jean –

At least we have had one nice day this month without rain but it is cold if you get away from the heat.  No hurry about my tax report but at least they (the figures) are out of my desk.  I might say when ever you want a check for same to mail with the tax sheet & my state tax or what ever let me know & I can give a check for same.  Please Harold retain my new checks I may need several before returning home so if you don't mind you might bring the first pad with you, when you come to Fla.  Now as to the Bibles I will be glad to finish up the number if they come to around $100.-- for my little extra project If they want in Memory of some one just the short sentence "Of Loved Ones."  If we are to have a new pavement in front of church that will call for money.  I hope some one will suggest getting some way to keep the door open when necessary out side.

Frances [Uncle Bill's sister] & John visited friends in Key West last week for several days & they all went fishing & brought home some nice catches they divided with the families so we had some.  It was very good.  The meal of shrimp was good but they were rather small & tedious to prepare for cooking.

Time to sign off – Love - Mother

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