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1983 Catherine's Letter - Feb. 3

A great advantage of computer typing is not only the ability to easily correct mistakes but to use the spell check to find out the spelling of such words as subpoenaed.  Transcription follows.

February 3, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Well, here I am finally sending you Wendy's school picture along with the pictures of while you were here and one from Christmas.  We thought her school picture came out w really well.

I had a nice birthday, thank you for the card and the $$.  I don't have anything specific in mind right now.  We have been considering buying new lamps for the living room however, I'd rather spend your money on something more for myself.  It look like we will be going to Bend on February 17th so I should have a chance to do some shopping.  Gerry has been sub-poenaed (sp?) in the case of one of his former employees who had surgery dn due to an on-the-job accident and now two different insurance companies are going to court to see which one should pay.  I am going to take the afternoon off work and we will probably take Wendy and go out to an early dinner afterwards since Gerry needs to be back for Elks as it is a Thursday night.  This will be our first trip to Bend since you folks were here.  I think we'll pass on the High Desert Museum though and probably eat at Beef & Brew since I have Gerry a gift certificate to B&B for his birthday.

I am in a really hectic phase of the bookkeeping cycle [I'll skip the boring details of this paragraph but will add that the bookkeeping classes I took while in Maine, helped me do the Elks books, and both served as preparation for doing the accounting for Best West RV.]

Wendy is happy about quite a few things.  I had promised her last weekend we would go to the A & W tonight for supper.  She wanted to go there for my birthday dinner but we went elsewhere.  (We should have gone to A&W though -- the place where we did go had a poor salad bar, they were all out of every seafood listed on their menu, the steak was tough, the baked potatoes were like rocks, the rolls were OK).  Tomorrow night we are going to see Savannah Smiles & Peter Pan at the theatre.  Saturday she is invited to a birthday party in the afternoon and she is spending Saturday night with her friend Karah who lives down the street.

We have been busy at the library this week.  The children started their "Read-a-thon" this week.  Do you have that in Ohio?  They get people to pledge money according to how many books they read.  So we have been having children come in and check out large stacks of books.  Reminds us of summer.  I think the benefits go to March of Dimes.

Well, I better close.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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